Seeking Sister Wife Season 4: Will we ever get to see another season?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Credits: TLC

Inspired by the hit series, Sister Wives, TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife is a reality show that follows the journey of three families in different stages of polygamous relationships. The show documents the personal process of men searching for, dating, and introducing a new wife into their family structure, as well as the numerous joys, frustrations, and heartaches that come with the emotional adjustments. 

Seeking Sister Wife Season 1 aired in January 2018, and met with mixed reviews from the audience. The show aimed at showing the bright side of a polygamous relationship, while some enjoyed it, many felt that the show was just encouraging toxic relationships. Either way, the show received a good amount of viewership to be renewed for two more seasons.

After Season 3 concluded in June 2021 on a controversial note, fans were curious whether or not there will be a Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, and here’s everything we know so far.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Credits: TLC

Will there be Seeking Sister Wife Season 4?

If you have been waiting to hear about Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, you might have to face disappointment as there’s no confirmation on a new season yet. Given the fact that Season 3 had left quite a few questions in the viewers’ minds, the network might decide to come up with a new season. However, nothing can be said for sure.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 Release Date

As of yet, TLC has not announced anything regarding Seeking Sister Season 4. So, that simply means that there’s no release date yet. And since there has been no official announcement on the renewal or cancelation, it’s hard to predict a release date. 

A thing to note is that due to the pandemic, the entire production of the show was heavily affected. Season 3 was scheduled to premiere in January 2021 but finally aired in March 2021. So, even if there will be a fourth season, we might not see it anytime soon. 

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Credits: TLC

What will happen in Seeking Sister Wife Season 4?Fans of Seeking Sister Wife have been obliged to face the numerous issues raised by the Season 3 finale. Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife marked a turning point in the lives of many of the polygamous cast members, but fans have been pessimistic about the prospects for a new season. Although the reality show emphasized the positives of polygamy through fan-favorite families like the Winders, the domestic abuse scandal that surfaced by the season 3 finale eclipsed all of the good portrayals. 

If we ever get a fourth season the show should focus on the struggles, conflicts, and mystery of what will happen to the families with all the conflicts introduced in Season 3. It will depict a variety of couples that will comprehend the difficult task of seeking a sister bride to join a polygamous family.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Credits: TLC

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Recap

The third season ended with tensions. The new season will focus on how the families are excitedly anticipating the arrival of a sister wife. Chrissy and the Snowdens are caught in the middle of the dispute. Dimitri and Ashley, as well as their sister-wife Vanessa, are recovering from their breakup. Garrick is getting divorced in order to make room for his new wife, Roberta. The Clarks are relocating to a new home. All Dredges, Brineys, and Snow Dens are the three families in Seeking Sister Wife

This show is quite controversial. In the United States, this system is not permitted and is unlawful. It is a violation of the law of entertainment. After quarantine caused numerous complications in their lives, the Clarks returned as a family of two.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 4
Credits: TLC

How many episodes were there in Seeking Sister Wife Season 3?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 had a total of 12 episodes.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Trailer

If you haven’t watched Season 3 yet, or the show by and large, here’s the trailer for Season 3.

Sneak Peek: New Season of Seeking Sister Wife!

Where to watch Seeking Sister Wife?

Until any further announcement on Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, one can stream the other seasons of the reality show on iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Stay tuned for more updates.