Selena Gomez looks distracted as she seemingly texts a ‘cute boy’ on her cooking show

‘Selena + Chef’ will return for Holiday Specials on the Food Network
Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

In a recent episode of her Food Network series, “Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays,” Selena Gomez was found blushing as she was caught texting “a cute boy.” The actress seemingly distracted almost burnt down her cake in the act. Moreover, she was joined by guest chef Adjepong for the season finale.

Her covert texting didn’t go unnoticed, as co-host Raquelle Stevens inquired, “Sel, who are you texting?” Gomez responded with a suppressed smile, attempting to keep it discreet. The Only Murders in the Building actress, acknowledging the challenges of dating, remarked, “Look, it’s hard out there.” However, her co-host playfully teased, “I could probably guess who,” prompting Gomez to swiftly respond, “Stop.”

Selena Gomez forgot to set the timer as she was seemingly busy texting

The finale episode witnessed another amusing moment when Selena Gomez was caught red-handed yet again. Towards the episode’s conclusion, Stevens asked about the cake’s status, prompting Chef Eric Adjepong to mention the timer that Gomez was supposed to set at the beginning of the episode. This is when the ‘Boyfriend’ singer realized that she had missed this task.

The show’s editing playfully poked fun at Gomez’s oversight, zooming in on her realization with amusing music in the background. The episode cleverly revisited the moment when she intended to “set the timer,” showcasing her getting sidetracked by a text to a “mystery recipient.”

Despite, Gomez’s minor mishap, Adjepong reassured that no damage was done, “It’s definitely time to take it out.” As he pulled out the slightly overbaked cake, he assured Gomez, “It’s okay actually. It’s um…totally fine.” With Gomez looking concerned, Stevens chimed in, “He’s just being nice.” However, Adjepong insisted, “No, no, no. I actually like it a little bit over. I’m being completely honest.”

Gomez cracks jokes about not being married on the show

The ‘Same Old Love’ singer, who recently revealed her relationship with music producer Benny Blanco on Instagram, didn’t shy away from cracking jokes about her newfound romance in the finale episode.

This wasn’t the first time Gomez had discussed her budding relationship. In the premiere episode with chef Alex Guarnaschelli, she hinted at having a crush while expressing her happiness, teasing, “But we’ll talk about it later.” The duo even playfully joked about gravy boats being a staple on wedding registries, with Gomez slyly indicating she’s not married by holding up her hand.

In another episode with chef Claudette Zepeda, Gomez clarified her marital status, emphasizing she’s not married. However, she candidly shared that a reason behind starting Selena+Chef is her aspiration to “slow down and have a family” someday.