Selena Gomez spotted in Paris; Is she shooting for “Emilia Perez”?

Why is Selena Gomez taking a break from Social Media?

Selena Gomez, the multi-talented singer, and actress, is currently in Paris for the shooting of her upcoming movie “Emilia Perez.” While in the City of Love, she has also been seen attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. Recently, Selena found herself in a heated argument with a security guard during the concert. Let’s explore further details about Selena’s film project and the incident in question.

Selena Gomez Shoots for “Emilia Perez”


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Selena Gomez has been frequently spotted in Paris, where she is shooting for French filmmaker Jacques Audiard’s highly anticipated musical crime comedy, “Emilia Perez.” The film centers around the character played by Karla Sofia Gascón, an Argentinian trans actor, who portrays a Mexican cartel leader seeking refuge and identity through a sex change. Originally intended to be filmed in Mexico, the production relocated to a studio near Paris based on Audiard’s creative vision. The movie also features Zoe Saldaña and is produced by Why Not Productions and Page 114.

Selena Engages in a Heated Argument with a Security Guard

During Beyoncé’s concert at the Stade de France, Selena Gomez was caught in a heated discussion with a person who appeared to be a security guard. Fans captured the incident in a video that circulated online. While the exact cause of the argument remains unclear, speculations suggest that the security guard may have been handling an overzealous fan or that Selena was mobbed by enthusiastic fans. However, further details about the incident have yet to emerge.


Selena Gomez’s presence in Paris is attributed to her involvement in the filming of “Emilia Perez,” a musical crime comedy directed by Jacques Audiard. As she immerses herself in the production, Selena was recently involved in a heated argument with a security guard during Beyoncé’s concert. While the circumstances surrounding the altercation remain unclear, fans continue to support Selena in both her film endeavors and personal experiences. Stay tuned for more updates on Selena Gomez’s upcoming projects and her ongoing stay in Paris.