Selena Gomez surpasses Kylie Jenner as the most followed celebrity on Instagram

Why is Selena Gomez taking a break from Social Media?
Credits: Instagram

In a remarkable turn of events, Selena Gomez achieved a significant feat just after her birthday celebrations. The Calm Down singer has surpassed Kylie Jenner as the most followed woman on Instagram. It proves that Selena’s popularity on the platform continues to soar with an ever-growing number of devoted followers. 

Kylie Jenner Loses Title – Here’s How

As mentioned earlier, Kylie Jenner has lost her title as the most followed woman on Instagram. She has also relinquished her position as the highest-paid celebrity on the social media platform. According to HopperHQ, Jenner now holds the second spot after Selena on the same list. The diva still accounts for an impressive $1,835,000 per post.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram Rich List

Soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo emerges as the reigning king of the Instagram Rich List again. The renowned Portuguese player commands a staggering $2,397,000 per post. The same makes him the highest-paid star on the platform.

Other Celebrities on the Instagram Rich List

Several prominent celebrities secure spots on the Instagram Rich List. It showcases their immense influence on the platform. Taylor Swift ranks twelfth with a rate of $1,142,000 per post. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian takes the sixth spot with $1,689,000 per post. Ariana Grande follows closely in seventh place as she charges $1,687,000 per post. Furthermore, Beyoncé secures the eighth spot at $1,393,000. Lastly, Kendall Jenner takes the tenth position with $1,290,000 per post.

Kylie Jenner on Fame and Family

Kylie Jenner opened up about her early fame in a candid interview with Vanity Fair Italy. She also revealed how growing up in the TV spotlight felt natural to her. She expressed that notoriety and exposure never overshadowed her personality. She further expressed gratitude towards the unwavering support of her family, who she says keep her grounded and anchored in reality.


The Instagram Rich List showcases the significant influence these celebrities wield on the platform, connecting with millions of followers and shaping social media trends. As Selena Gomez takes the lead as the most followed woman, the dynamics of Instagram continue to evolve. Moreover,  stars from various domains leave an indelible mark on this digital landscape through the popular list.