‘Selling the OC’ is renewed for two additional seasons by Netflix

'Selling the OC' is renewed for two additional seasons by Netflix
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The new real estate agents, the new drama, and a lot of square footage are back for more! Continue reading to learn more about the OC’s new season renewal.

The viewers have been anticipating to know if there will be another season or not, as the demand for the series can be evaluated all over social media, which has built up curiosity among viewers more than ever! This is definitely a question that needs to be answered.

On the bright side, it’s not surprising given how Netflix has recently renewed a slew of reality TV shows, owing to popular demand, and expanded its catalog of original shows, and Selling the OC does fall into this category due to the success of its other installments, like Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa.

If you’re one of those who want to get clarification about the renewal status, among other details, then look no further. To find all of your answers, keep reading until the very end!

Here’s everything we know so far about the “Selling the OC” Season 2 and 3 renewal.

'Selling the OC' is renewed for two additional seasons by Netflix

Selling the OC Renewal: What to expect in the new seasons?

According to Netflix Tudum, Noseys aside, closing real estate deals is what The Oppenheim Group does best – and now, they’re back for two more seasons! 

In other words, there is a lot of luxury beachfront property coming your way, staged and sold by a fresh group of real estate agents competing to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second location. However, this is not the only good news, as the production of “Selling the OC” for Seasons 2 and 3 begins this winter, which is way sooner than we anticipated.

The first season of Selling the OC, a spinoff of the popular Netflix docuseries Selling Sunset, focused on a new set of realtors in The Oppenheim Group’s second office in Orange County. On the other hand, “Selling the OC,” and “Selling Sunset” are among Netflix’s reality TV and real estate-related shows, which also include “Buying Beverly Hills,” “Buy My House,” “How to Build a Sex Room,” “Dream Home Makeover,” “Instant Dream Home,” and “Designing Miami.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to be returning to the OC for two more seasons,” executive producer Adam DiVello tells Tudum. Additionally, “Expect to see even more of what you already love about Selling the OC (from the real estate to the agents to the many unresolved issues) and get ready to go back to the beach!” The series will feature Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, and Tyler Stanaland. As for the team’s shifting alliances, remember one thing about them tables: They turn. The unscripted show is from Done and Done Productions and Lionsgate production companies.

Although the precise number of episodes for the new seasons of, “Selling the OC,” has yet to be released. But we may expect at least eight episodes, each running approximately 30 to 39 minutes. The number of episodes may vary, which is ultimately dependent on the theme that the show intends to convey to the audience.

Additionally, the series will be available exclusively on Netflix with a range of membership options. The basic membership starts at $9.99/month, and the standard membership starts at $15.49/month. The video quality and quantity of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose at no additional cost with any of their services.

'Selling the OC' is renewed for two additional seasons by Netflix

Selling the OC Season 1: A Quick Recap

To say the least, in the first season, the multimillion-dollar properties can’t sell themselves as the Oppenheim Group expands to Orange County, where an all-new real estate team shows off lavish oceanfront listings and big personalities make waves. Season 1 of “Selling the OC,” premiered in August 2022, and focuses on “How does the cast of Selling the OC really feel about this season’s drama?” Find out now and watch Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Kayla Cardona, Polly Brindle, Brandi Marshall, Tyler Stanaland, Gio Helou, Sean Palmieri, and Lauren Shortt spill all the tea as they watch this season’s juiciest scenes. Take a look at the official episode guide below:

Episode 1: Paradise Comes with a Price: Alex Hall takes new agent Kayla under her wing. At the official office launch party, the tension between Alexandra Rose and the other agents boils over.

Episode 2: Them Tables… They Turn: Gio hosts a brokers’ open house, where he raises an issue with Alex. Three agents celebrate a triple birthday. Brandi works with a retired NBA player.

Episode 3: Testing the Waters: Trying to reel in her first listing, Kayla turns to Alex for help. Rose and Jarvis work a promising new lead. Alex and Gio butt heads at the beach.

Episode 4: A Not-So-Happy Hour: Kayla, struggling to balance everything, doesn’t get much sympathy from Polly. Alex closes a deal. Austin’s lifestyle puts pressure on his marriage.

Episode 5: An Off-Market Offer: Scandal sweeps through the office after Kayla crosses a line. Alex and Jason tour a $105 million stunner while Polly shows Gio’s client a fixer-upper.

Episode 6: Co-listing Chaos: Tyler and Kayla clear the air, but Alex aren’t ready to move on. Polly works with Gio to make a big scale. Rose opens up about her difficult childhood.

Episode 7: Upping the Ante: Polly and Jarvis struggle to keep things civil. Tyler shows his first big listing. Gio hosts a poker night where drama erupts between office cliques.

Episode 8: Turning Tides: Kayla tries to keep things on track with a difficult client. At a yacht party for the team, fun in the sun gives way to an explosive personality clash.

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