Seriously burned Connecticut farmer given ‘life saving treatment’ after pants caught fire while showing art display

Credit: GoFundMe

Con acts gone wrong. How many times have headlines like that shot up on your screen? Probably more than we care to admit. These artists savor their life work and challenge grave danger and sometimes death every day when they put on their act in front of an audience. So when an accident erupts, it may as well consume the artist, either through death or career sabotage. Only a few lucky ones get a narrow escape.

People reported the incident at Beaumont Farms in Wallingford, where a 64-year-old Connecticut farmer burnt himself severely as his pants caught fire while performing for an audience at Beaumont Farms on East Center Street. He severely burnt his arms and legs per his GoFundMe campaign that the Lohmann family set up for his recovery. People report the incident via New Haven Register and the Record-Journal, saying that “The 64-year-old inadvertently splashed gasoline on his pant leg before starting up his tractor, which caused a spark that ignited the blaze.”

The Lohmanns reported about the accident, saying, “He was eventually transported to Bridgeport Hospital, where he received “life-saving treatment” for the “significant burns” and blood clots that resulted from the incident. Further, according to his GoFundMe page via People, Beaumont went through “several skin grafts and surgeries” to recover from the irreparable damage caused due to the severity of the burn.

Per the New Haven Register, People reported that he remained in ‘good spirits’ throughout, and he returned home on Sunday as he continues to recover. Beaumont told the news outlet in high spirits, “I’ll be fine before you know it, and we’ll be right back to normal.”

According to the statements provided by the Lohmann family, Beaumont owns the farm where the incident took place in Wallingford and commented that the pro  “incredibly creative and stunning exhibits” that children and adults can explore for free, according to the Lohmann family. Some characters displayed on the property include M&Ms, Frozen, Peanuts, and A Christmas Story.

On Beaumont, the family wrote on his GoFundMe page, “Billy is a man of great joy and generosity which can be easily seen through his creative passions and heard in his infectious laughter,” adding that he “never asks for anything in return.”

Due to the unfortunate events that have scaffolded with Beaumont, he will not be able to work for a while until his burns dry up since they are not in good condition, according to reports. According to the New Haven Register and Record-Journal via People, his friends and family hope to transform the current Candy Land display into something Halloween-themed to match the season.

Lisa Lohmann reported, per the Record-Journal via People before the accident, that Beaumont “agreed to help the Wallingford Public Schools with some fundraising to do a spooky Halloween Candy Land,” continuing, “Billy has always been the guy who would drop whatever he was doing to come help.”

We pray for his speedy recovery in the event that he will be back soon to plaster smiles on more faces.