SEVENTEEN member Seungkwan all set to return after his hiatus

Credit: Instagram

SEVENTEEN fans were overjoyed to see Seungkwan back with the group on September 4, 2023, as they departed for their schedule in Japan. The much-loved member had been on a hiatus due to health issues, and while CARATs were supportive of his break, they were equally thrilled to have him back.

Seungkwan had even penned a heartfelt letter to his fans during his hiatus, reassuring them that he was taking the time to relax and recover his strength. His smile as he walked alongside his fellow members at the airport was a heartwarming sight for fans, who eagerly anticipated his performance at the NHK MUSIC EXPO 2023.

THE8’s Striking Blonde Hair Transformation

CARATs were in for a surprise when they saw THE8 sporting a new blonde hairstyle at the airport. He had maintained his natural hair color for quite some time, even during recent comebacks. However, his light blonde hair left fans mesmerized. Dressed in a white jacket, white mesh tank top, jeans, and a simple silver chain, he appeared like an “Ice Prince” to many. This unexpected change in appearance added an extra layer of excitement to their journey to Tokyo for the NHK MUSIC EXPO 2023.


SEVENTEEN’s trip to Tokyo was in preparation for their participation in the NHK MUSIC EXPO 2023. This event brings together renowned Japanese and Korean artists, including their labelmates NewJeans, ENHYPEN, and &Team. The expo is known for its ability to bridge the gap between K-pop and J-pop, allowing artists to interact with fans from around the world and showcase the harmony between the two music industries. SEVENTEEN is set to perform their new Japanese single, “Ima-Even If The World Ends Tomorrow,” on September 14, adding to the excitement surrounding their return to the stage.

SEVENTEEN’s Ongoing Japanese Tour

In addition to their participation in NHK MUSIC EXPO 2023, SEVENTEEN is continuing their “FOLLOW” tour in Japan. The tour spans from September 6 to December 17, with various concerts scheduled in cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. This extensive tour allows fans across Japan to experience SEVENTEEN’s live performances and further solidifies their presence in Japanese music.