SEVENTEEN members attend wedding ceremony leaving fans awestruck

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On July 30, SEVENTEEN made headlines when they surprised guests at a company colleague’s wedding with a special performance. Known for their exceptional performances and vocals, the members sang their hit song “Very Nice” during the ceremony. The group has a reputation for turning any stage into a concert, and this wedding was no exception.

Who Attended the Wedding?

Eleven members of SEVENTEEN, namely S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Woozi, Wonwoo, DK, The8, Vernon, and Dino, graced the wedding venue with their presence. Unfortunately, Mingyu and Seungkwan were unable to attend the ceremony. The energetic and cheerful Hoshi took the lead in interacting with the audience, getting them to participate in the iconic “Aju Nice” chant from the song “Very Nice.” He playfully encouraged guests to stand up and enjoy the performance, jokingly pointing out those who remained seated.

The Live Performance

SEVENTEEN’s live performances of “Very Nice” are known for being lively and engaging, often involving fan participation. During their concerts, the group allows fans to take the microphones and sing a part of the song. This wedding performance brought back memories of their lively concerts and added a special touch to the celebration.

Mingyu’s Interactions with Fans

In another recent event, during a fan call with international fans, SEVENTEEN members had a delightful encounter with a fan who showed a scene from Jun’s ongoing Chinese drama, “Exclusive Fairytale.” Mingyu’s reaction to the scene was one of confusion as he kept asking questions about what was happening. He then lightened the atmosphere by playfully singing Jung’s latest single, “PSYCHO.”

When asked if he had watched the episodes of the drama yet, Mingyu admitted that he hadn’t, but he promised to watch it later that day. Vernon, on the other hand, was captured in a stunned and puzzled expression while watching one of the scenes from the drama. Fans found the members’ genuine and candid reactions to Jun’s acting highly endearing and entertaining.


Overall, these heartwarming incidents highlight the charm of SEVENTEEN as a group that not only delivers spectacular performances but also maintains a close and affectionate relationship with its fans. Their impromptu concert at the wedding and their playful reactions during the fan call event further solidified their reputation as a talented and lovable K-pop group.