SEVENTEEN members make a new record by winning two titles at the MTV European Music Awards 2022

Credit: Twitter

The MTV European Music Awards was held on November 13, 2022, in Düsseldorf, Germany and the entire event was filled with glitz and glamour. Talking about the K-pop group SEVENTEEN, they won not one but two awards at the grand event that included the Best Push and Best New awards. For the unversed, Best Push is given to artists who feature in the MTV Push segment. SEVENTEEN happens to be the first-ever K-pop artist to have featured in MTV Push and also win an award for it.

SEVENTEEN’s message

Since the boy band is currently on a tour, none of the members could attend the awards function. However, the group did send their acceptance speech through a video.

Check it out below.

Talking about the SEVENTEEN members, they also thanked the Carats for their big win and said, “It feels like we’re reaching somewhere new everyday, places we never imagined we’d be. We thank everyone who helped us on the way.”


SEVENTEEN has been winning the hearts of fans with its album SECTOR 17, which was released on August 17, 2022. The fans were further excited to know that international artist Annie-Marie was also a part of the same album. If you ask us how then we have just one answer for you – _WORLD! It initially came as speculation but later, the good piece of news was revealed to the world. This is for the first time that Anne-Marie collaborated with SEVENTEEN on a song.


The track is an urban and funk R&B genre song. The said song features a combination of a sweet melody and funky rhythm. The track’s meaning is that all possibilities are open, so everyone is able to interpret the world they always wanted in their lives. Earlier, the SEVENTEEN members Joshua, DK, and Seungkwan were featured in the video’s teaser as they enjoyed and reacted to single Anne-Marie’s vocals.

The SEVENTEEN members already gave a glimpse of their collaboration with Anne-Marie earlier via social media. The group earlier released a challenge video titled ‘I Just Called’ with a phrase that reads, “WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU” to which Anne-Marie responded, thereby receiving widespread global fans’ attention. Talking about the same, the singer asked, “Can I join your world?” to which SEVENTEEN responded with the following phrase, “Let’s start your interview.”