SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Vernon to host new radio show on Apple Music

Credit: Twitter

On June 2, Apple Music delighted fans with a teaser announcement for a new radio show, to be hosted by SEVENTEEN members Joshua and Vernon. The unexpected news sparked excitement among fans as they eagerly awaited further details about the upcoming show.

Fan Engagement and Questions

As anticipation built, fans were encouraged to share their responses to various questions, including their favorite SEVENTEEN song and the reasons behind their choice. This engagement heightened the excitement and allowed fans to express their enthusiasm for the show.

Official Announcement and Fan Reaction

On June 3, Apple Music officially announced the radio show, confirming Joshua and Vernon as the hosts. The news sent fans into a frenzy, with expectations and excitement reaching new heights. While the exact details of the show remain undisclosed, fans eagerly anticipate what the duo has in store for them.

Duo’s Chemistry and Language Abilities

Fans express their joy over the radio show being hosted by Joshua and Vernon, recognizing their fantastic chemistry as a duo. Despite their distinct personalities, the two have showcased a strong bond and have often been a source of laughter for fans. As the only first-language English speakers in SEVENTEEN, their fluency in the language hints at the show being conducted in English.

Fans’ High Expectations and Questions

As fans eagerly await the premiere of the radio show, they wonder about various aspects, such as the show’s concept, potential guest appearances, episode release schedule, and more. The questions posed by Apple Music further intrigue fans, leaving them wondering if these queries hint at the show’s theme or the topics to be discussed in the first episode.

Fans’ Enthusiasm and Patience

SEVENTEEN’s loyal fanbase, known as CARATs, eagerly participate in discussions and flood the comments section with their excitement and answers to the questions posed. While eager for more details, fans understand that all will be revealed in due time, and patiently wait for the show’s premiere.

The upcoming radio show hosted by Joshua and Vernon on Apple Music has generated immense excitement among SEVENTEEN’s fans. With their proven chemistry and fluency in English, fans anticipate an entertaining and engaging show. As details unfold gradually, fans eagerly await the premiere, speculating on the show’s concept, guest appearances, and more.