SEVENTEEN’s MV ‘HOT’ outshines other tracks in Face The Sun album

Credit: YouTube

SEVENTEEN’s fans couldn’t be more excited as the popular K-pop group has recently released its much-awaited fourth studio album titled Face The Sun. Moreover, its title track HOT has been creating a sensation all over the internet for all the right reasons. For the unversed, their much-anticipated album is based on the theme of the sun and their aim of making a presence in the world. We can see the group breaking their bounds again.

About the music video

As of now, the only thing that has caught the fan’s attention is the marvelous music video released by the SEVENTEEN members. It is a wonderful concept that features all the thirteen members at their best while all of them deliver power-packed performance for the same. From tassels, mullets, dusty denim, fiery appearances, and more, the video is a package in itself. Moreover, the song’s eye-catchy imagery is sure to leave you mesmerized. The loud rustles, the husky whispers, and the trendy chorus made in sync with the video act as a cherry on top!

The relevance of the sun

As mentioned earlier, SEVENTEEN’s current album Face The Sun has a deep-rooted connection with the sun. That is why it does make an unwaning appearance in the video to meet the expectations of the theme. Apart from that, we are nothing less intrigued to see the fireworks coming out from the guitars and bullets that just shoot through the air. The members had already revealed earlier that their comeback album is nothing less than a new start for them.

Check out HOT’s official music video below.

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 'HOT' Official MV

About Darl+ing

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 'Darl+ing' Official MV

Did you listen to the song Darl+ing yet? If not, you must plug in your earphones right now as it is one of the trendiest tracks right now. Apart from that, it is the first-ever English single crooned by the members of SEVENTEEN.

The 13-member K-pop group dropped their first-ever English single, Darl+ing, on April 15, 2022, at 1 pm KST. Like the Carats expected, the song has already hit number 1 on the Top Songs chart of iTunes in the past few days. It has received a tremendous response across nations and continues to be on-trend even now. As for the latest album, it earlier broke its pre-order sales record by selling more than two million copies. So, have you watched the MV ‘HOT’ yet? If not, watch it right now.