SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan gives heartfelt tribute to ASTRO’s Moonbin in THIS way

Credit: Instagram

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan recently took to Instagram to share a touching photo of the night sky, evoking strong emotions and memories of his dear friend, ASTRO’s Moonbin. This heartfelt tribute not only showcases their deep friendship but also elicits an overwhelming outpouring of love and support from fans. Let’s delve into Seungkwan’s Instagram update, explore the profound connection between the two idols, and witness the touching response from fans as they come together to cherish their precious bond.


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A Sentimental Snapshot of the Night Sky

Through a seemingly simple photo of the night sky, Seungkwan conveys a profound message to his fans. The image holds deeper significance for those familiar with the friendship shared between Seungkwan and Moonbin. The post features multiple images of the serene night sky adorned with a beautiful moon and a shining star. One particular photo captures Seungkwan himself gazing fondly at the night sky, symbolizing his loving watch over his best friend Moonbin, who shines like a star on the stage. This Instagram tribute serves as a heartfelt reminder of their enduring bond, transcending the vastness of the universe.

A Special Connection between SEVENTEEN and ASTRO

SEVENTEEN and ASTRO are two prominent boy groups in the K-pop industry known not only for their exceptional talents but also for their close-knit friendships. Seungkwan and Moonbin shared a special connection as part of the 98-line friends group, often expressing support and admiration for one another. Following Moonbin’s untimely passing, Seungkwan penned a touching note to remember his best friend, reflecting on their close bond and expressing a desire to remain friends even in their next lives. He believes that Moonbin is watching over him from heaven, and his heartfelt words pay tribute to their unbreakable friendship.

Fans’ Love and Support: Embracing the Sentimental Moment

Upon Seungkwan’s Instagram post, fans quickly filled the comments section with an outpouring of love and support. Admirers of both SEVENTEEN and ASTRO came together to express their heartfelt emotions, reminiscing about the cherished moments shared by Seungkwan and Moonbin. The comments section became a virtual space for fans to comfort one another and strengthen the bond within the K-pop community. The overwhelming response highlights the power of genuine connections and underscores the importance of cherishing precious relationships. As fans continue to pour their love and support, Seungkwan’s tribute serves as a beautiful reminder of the lasting impact of true friendship.


Seungkwan’s heartfelt Instagram tribute stands as a testament to the eternal friendship between SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan and ASTRO’s Moonbin. Through a simple photo of the night sky, Seungkwan encapsulates the depth of their connection and evokes strong emotions among fans. The outpouring of love and support from fans further emphasizes the enduring impact of genuine friendships within the K-pop community. This tribute serves as a poignant reminder to cherish and celebrate the precious bonds we share with others.