Sex Education Season 4: Is it coming to Netflix in April?

Sex Education Season 4
Credits: Netflix

Are you a fan of the Sex Education series on Netflix? We’re sure that your answer is yes because who isn’t, right? It is one of Netflix’s most beloved smash hits that left us wanting more after the cliffhangers of the third season. So, if you are one of the many fans of this show, then you must be anticipating Sex Education Season 4.

For the unversed, Sex Education is a comedy-drama streaming television series created by Laurie Nunn for Netflix. The series revolves around the lives of students, staff, and parents of the Moordale Secondary School as they deal with various personal problems that are often related to sexual intimacy.

It follows the story of Otis, a student at Moordale Secondary School whose mother is a sex therapist. Otis sets up a sex therapy clinic with Maeve to help the students of Moordale with their sexual problems, but issues arise when Otis finds himself becoming attracted to Meave. Eventually, the series progresses with other students trying to come to terms with their sexuality and finding answers to their complicated questions on life and intimacy.

Sex Education Season 4

The series is progressive and revolutionary as it acknowledges the harsh truths and pains of growing up amidst modern sensibilities, which is to say, hysteria and confusion about identity, sex, and sexuality.

The first series was released on January 11, 2019, the second on January 17, 2020, the third on September 17, 2021, and the fourth series was announced on September 25, 2021, and was expected to arrive in April this year. So, when is it coming? Who’s in the cast? What will be the plot?

Here’s everything we know so far about Sex Education Season 4.

Sex Education Season 4

Is Sex Education Season 4 releasing in April?

No. We have a piece of bad news. Sex Education Season 4 isn’t coming to Netflix in April for sure.

Sex Education Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, there’s no release date as of now for Sex Education Season 4. We know, for a fact, that the fourth season is happening, but when will it air still remains a mystery since the official social media accounts of the series and even Netflix has been tight-lipped about the release for quite some time now.

Check out the official announcement below:

According to Digital Spy, when star Asa Butterfield was promoting his new film Choose or Die, which is a twisted horror movie in which Black Mirror meets Jumanji, they asked him about the production status of the series.

“We haven’t started filming yet,” he said. “But we are planning to start filming soonish. And that’s about all I can say.”

This makes it clear that the filming of Sex Education Season 4 hasn’t begun yet, which makes us feel that there’s a very slight possibility of the fourth season coming in 2022.

According to some reports, Sex Education Season 4 might end up being the final installment of the show, as the actors are growing older. Aimee Lou Wood recently said: “It’s going to have to come to an end, which is sad, but also I feel like you should always leave them wanting more. Always end on a high instead of having people go, ‘I really wish they would stop.'”

Sex Education Season 4

What will be the story of Sex Education Season 4?

There’s no official synopsis released by the makers for the fourth season yet, but in the last season, we saw the announcement that Moordale High would be closing. In Sex Education Season 4, we may see all our teen characters scattered and finding a new school to complete their education away from each other. The relationships will be tested, and problems will be there, but all this can be eliminated if they try and save Moordale before it’s too late.

Otis and Meave finally confessed their feelings for each other, but now, since Ruby is in the picture, who will be the endgame couple, Meave-Otis or Ruby-Otis? Guess we have to wait for the fourth season to find out.

Eric and Adam have officially split after realizing that, sadly, they’re not on the same page when it comes to their sexuality. In an emotional scene, the proudly out Eric told Adam: “I just feel like I’m ready to fly and you’re just learning to walk.” But Adam has solved things with his family, and he’s ready to begin his journey as a gay man. We’re very excited to see what new adventures the new season will bring.

Sex Education Season 4

Is there a trailer for Sex Education Season 4?

Since there’s no release date yet, there’s no trailer for the fourth season of Sex Education yet but here are some incredible bloopers from the third season that you can watch to keep yourself busy while waiting for the next season of the show.

Check out the video below:

Sex Education Season 3 Bloopers | Netflix

Sex Education Season 4 Cast

The main characters will return for the fourth season, including:

Asa Butterfield as Otis, and bonafide legend Gillian Anderson as his sex therapist mother, Jean. Then we have Otis’s lifelong bestie, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), and Maeve’s number one pal, Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood).

Some other cast members include:

Adam (Connor Swindells)

Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) and Cal (Dua Saleh)

Ola (Patricia Allison) and Lily (Tanya Reynolds)

Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu)

Isaac (George Robinson)

Ruby (Mimi Keene) and Anwar (Chaneil Kular)

Rahim (Sami Outalbali)

Miss Sands (Rakhee Thakrar)

Mr. Hendricks (Jim Howick)

Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt)

Mr. Groff (Alistair Petrie)

Maureen (Samantha Spiro)

However, Simone Ashley, who played Olivia, won’t be returning for Season 4. The Bridgerton actress has confirmed the same in an interview with ITV’s This Morning. “I get asked that all the time. No, I’m a Bridgerton girl now.”

But the good news is that there will be two new trans characters joining the next season. Abbi and Kent have been referred to in the casting call as a “power couple”, with Abbi having a “90s Winona Ryder vibe”. She lives with Kent and his parents. Kent is trans-masculine, and he’s open about it, but he isn’t confident about his position. We can’t wait to see what these new characters will bring to the show with their presence.

Sex Education Season 4

How many episodes will be there in Sex Education Season 4?

All the previous seasons of Sex Education had 8 episodes each, and Season 4 is also expected to have 8 episodes unless the makers try to surprise us with a few bonus episodes.

Where to watch Sex Education?

Sex Education Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix.