SEXY NUKIM: BTS’ RM’s music video with Balming Tiger RELEASED; Watch video

Credits: Instagram

The most-awaited surprise is finally here! SEXY NUKIM’s official music video is already out, and we cannot stop our excitement about the same. A few days ago, BTS leader RM announced his surprising collaboration with the South Korean musical collective Balming Tiger. Talking about the latter, it includes individuals responsible for multiple tasks in the creation of music, including singers, songwriters, directors, editors, and more!

Balming Tiger - 섹시느낌 SEXY NUKIM (feat. RM of BTS) Official M/V


Talking about the track SEXY NUKIM, the word Nukim translates to the word feeling. The song has been presented in a highly artistic and unique manner with an influential setup right from the beginning. Coming back to the music video, it was released on September 1, 2022, and takes us on a cinematic ride as it follows multiple perspectives on the way. On a few occasions, the video is seldom funny, eerie, and intriguing as multiple stars take multiple roles in the same.

The song details

We can’t stop but talk about the impressive raps presented by RM and Balming Tiger as they carry the track’s base with a groovy rhythm playing in the background. Moreover, we get to hear a very low tone carried out throughout the track that adds to the mystery of multiple things that take place in the surroundings. BTS leader RM acts as a tactician who is seen handling the designing of a brain manipulator or brain-reading device. For the unversed, he is spotted in the second half of the official music video. The same leads to a flowy rap in the video. We can’t stop but talk about his visuals in a fitted suit and neatly styled hair that is sure to make the fans go gaga over him.

Earlier announcements

On August 31, 2022, Balming Tiger took to social media and uploaded a D-1 poster for the much-awaited track SEXY NUKIM featuring none other than BTS leader RM himself. There is no denying that the Army is excited about the same. The cinematic poster is inspired by classic vintage vibes as RM and Balming tiger pose together in serious moods.