Shadow and Bone Season 2: Is it coming to Netflix in June 2022?

Shadow and Bone Season 2
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When is Shadow and Bone Season 2 coming to Netflix? Read on to find out.

Shadow and Bone Season 1 had got their fans seated on the edge with lots happening. Adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy, Season 1 had everyone’s expectations soaring high. Season 1 aired last year and since then fans are looking forward to new episodes. Fortunately, the show got renewed for the second season and we are definitely getting new episodes once it hits Netflix. This is going to expand the Grisha Universe for the viewers.

The show’s executive producer Shawn Levy had expressed his utmost happiness about the renewal for the next season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levy said, “Leigh Bardugo and Eric Heisserer are two such partners; together they have created a world and pantheon of characters that fans all over the globe have embraced. We can’t wait to take viewers on the wild ride that comes next.”

Therefore, for everyone who had been speculating about Shadow and Bone Season 2, we are here to present all the information that is available.

Shadow and Bone Season 2
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Is Shadow and Bone Season 2 coming to Netflix in June?

The answer as of now is a no. It was reported that Shadow and Bones began filming for Season 2 in January 2022. It can be assumed that the series is still at its filming stage. It would take quite some time before they get the episodes ready for us. Till then wait a bit.

Until we can bring further news on it, why don’t you watch the Geeked Week trailer where this show will be talked about. Most probably, it is during this event that we might have an official word as to when is Shadow and Bone Season 2 releasing and whether Netflix is looking at a June window for its release.

GEEKED WEEK 2022 | Official Trailer | Coming June 6th - 10th | Netflix

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Trailer

Since the filming is, reportedly, still at a bare stage, we don’t have a trailer for Shadow and Bone Season 2 yet, and neither we expect one very soon, unless Netflix decides to surprise us during the Geeked Week.

Shadow and Bone Season 2: What to expect?

*Season 1 Spoilers Ahead*

Before we begin assuming what we can expect and whatnot, let’s take a quick detour to Season 1. Alina Starkov is a cartographer who also is able to control light. General Kirigan welcomes her and takes her in. Soon it becomes clear that he has an ulterior motive. In another part, Krazz Beker along with Inej and Jesper chance upon Alina and try to kidnap her. But fails eventually. In the finale, we find, as much as the characters believe, that Kirigan is successfully killed. Being evil as he is, Kirigan survives and learns to command the Volcra. 

With this ending of Season 1, we are sure that Kirigan will be returning big. Ben Barnes, who plays Kirigan, had opened up to Us Weekly that Kirigan is one of the most feared characters of darkness who is also capable of manipulating the universe. Adding to this the author, Bordugo, has also spoken to Entertainment Weekly, ‘He has suffered the first defeat in a very long time at the hands of somebody who he really believed he understood and had under his control…’ 

Shadow and Bone Season 2
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Apart from Kirigan, Alina is also undergoing development in her character. The actor playing Alina, Jesse Mei Li, told Digital Spy that Alina is growing stronger than she had been before. ‘But she’s still got a long way to go, which is a really nice place to leave her. We know where she’s going now, and where she’s got to go,’ she adds.

The show is also expected to draw inspiration from the second book of the trilogy called Siege and Storm. The deviation may be noticeable but the plotline remains quite the same. Adding to it, we expect Alina and Mal to join forces against Kirigan and the Crows will be back at Ketterdam to go against the old rivals. To summarise, Season 2 will be bringing many things to the table that none of us had expected earlier.

Shadow and Bone Season 2
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Shadow and Bone Season 2 Cast

  • Alina Starkov— Jessie Mei Li
  • Malian Oretsev— Archie Renaux
  • Kraz Brekker— Freddy Carter
  • Inej— Amita Suman
  • Jesper Fahey– Kit Young
  • General Kirigan— Ben Barnes
  • Matthias Helvar– Calahan Skogman
  • Nina Zenik— Danielle Galligan
  • Genya Safin— Daisy Head

Apart from these regulars, we can expect a few more additions to the cast. For instance:

  • Patrick Gibson as Nikolai Lantsov
  • Anna Leong Brophy as Tamar Kit-Bataar
  • Lewis Tan as Tolya Yul-Bataar
  • Jack Wolfe as Wylan Hendricks
  • Jannet Kumha as Keme
  • Joanna McGibbon as Nadya

With these details at hand, we at least know what we are waiting for. If you haven’t watched Season 1, go ahead and watch it before you miss out on an amazing experience.