Shakira encounters a rat during her music video shoot; Here’s what happened next

Credit: Instagram

During the shooting of her latest song’s music video, international pop sensation Shakira had a spine-chilling encounter with a rat on set. The Colombian singer, who was dressed as a mermaid with a pink wig, got the fright of her life when she spotted the rodent nearby. In a video shared on her Instagram, Shakira can be seen letting out a piercing yell as she tried to rise from the ground, only to be hindered by her elaborate mermaid outfit.


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Finding Humor in the Situation

Despite the startling incident, Shakira handled the situation with her trademark humor. Sharing the video with her 88 million followers, she playfully quipped in Spanish, “Things that happen even to mermaids.” The singer’s humorous response to the encounter left her fans amused, and the video quickly garnered over 11 million views and nearly 1 million likes within 12 hours of being posted.

While Shakira continues to make headlines for her music and creative projects, she also faces ongoing legal issues in Spain. The singer, who recently went through a split with football star Gerard Pique, is currently embroiled in a new tax fraud case in Spain. Allegations concerning her 2018 income tax and wealth tax filings have surfaced, with a court in Esplugues de Llobregat, near Barcelona, initiating the legal proceedings. However, Shakira’s legal team claims that she was not officially informed of the new claim and only learned about it through media reports.

Focusing on Life in the United States

As she navigates the legal challenges, Shakira is seeking a fresh start in the United States with her two children, Milan and Sasha. The singer currently resides in Miami, where she awaits further legal notifications. Despite the legal hurdles, Shakira remains dedicated to her music and creative endeavors, captivating fans worldwide with her talents.

Rumors and Romance

In the wake of her breakup with Gerard Pique, Shakira has been in the spotlight for more than just her music. Recent photographs of the singer spending time with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton have sparked romance rumors. While fans speculate about her personal life, Shakira continues to make headlines for her artistic achievements and resilience amid legal challenges.


Shakira’s recent on-set encounter with a rat may have startled her, but her response of humor and resilience showcases her unwavering spirit. As she continues to face legal battles in Spain and embarks on a new chapter in the United States, the multi-talented artist remains a global icon, captivating audiences with her music and persona. With her artistic prowess and indomitable spirit, Shakira remains an inspiration to fans worldwide.