Shakira issues legal statement regarding tax fraud case alleged by Spanish authorities

Credit: Instagram

Shakira recently got back with a rather intense response regarding her ongoing legal battle against the tax authorities in Spain. For the unversed, the Waka Waka singer is reportedly accused of not paying around 12 million pounds in tax between the years 2012 and 2014. The reports suggest that Shakira may end up with an 8-year jail sentence including a fine of €23 million if found guilty in the impending tax fraud trial. However, a date for the said trial in Barcelona is yet to be set.

Shakira’s statement

Shakira reportedly responded to the reports in a statement on Friday, i.e., November 25, 2022, via the Daily Mail. According to the same, the singer believes that she’s been persecuted while accusing the Spanish Treasury of using certain unacceptable methods with the intention to damage her reputation and also oblige her to come to a settlement agreement.

As of now, Shakira is said to have no plans of making any plea deals and stated that she would rather fight for her innocence in court. The Hips Don’t Lie singer’s spokesperson stated that Spain’s tax authorities were allegedly accusing her of lying in terms of residing outside of the country without evidence for the years in which she has been charged with fraud tax.

Here is what the legal statement reads that is authorized by the musician herself,

“Shakira is a taxpayer who has always shown impeccable tax conduct and has never had tax problems in any other jurisdiction. The singer relied on top advisors such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She never exceeded the 183 days of presence in Spain required to be a tax resident. With no solid evidence to support the charges against her, she has been fiercely persecuted in the criminal and media spheres using unacceptable methods to damage her reputation and force her to come to a settlement agreement. Shakira has already paid more than 90 million euros for international income that has not been generated in Spain and for her international assets, without having a business centre in this country where she has never earned a significant income.”

Shakira also shared a personal message on the same statement while alleging that the Spanish authorities are trying to ruin her reputation. It reads, “It is unacceptable that in its accusation the tax authorities are not respecting the legal certainty that must be guaranteed to any taxpayer, not my fundamental rights. As well as that they are trying to damage a reputation earned with the work of many years.”