Shania Twain shares update on her Tour crew after horrible accident

Shania Twain
Credit: Shania Twain Instagram

Shania Twain’s touring crew has been in a harrowing accident on Thursday, and the pop icon has a few updates for us.

According to reports gathered by People, Twain took to Instagram stories to write, updating fans on the status of her crew, who survived a horrifying accident in Canada on Wednesday that led to the hospitalization of several members of her Queen of Me Tour crew.

She typed the following on a black backdrop on her Instagram story. “Thank you so much for the outpour of love and support from everyone,” she added to this, saying, “First and foremost my touring family are safe,” continuing with, “Anyone needing medical care is receiving great support.”

The singer-songwriter added to this by saying, “The local community and every single crew person has been phenomenal, in the face of a terrifying scenario,” concluding her story with a heartfelt note, “Hug and hold those you love, we are doing the same! ❤️”

The “You’re Still the One” tour crew faced rash driving conditions on the roads of Canada, making it unfeasible to drive, resulting in the aforementioned accident. In lieu of the accident, People gathered a statement from the country-pop icon’s management company, Maverick Management, saying, “One crew bus and one truck from the Shania Twain – Queen Of Me tour were involved in a highway accident driving between Winnipeg and Saskatoon,” adding to the statement, “Multiple vehicles encountered dangerous driving conditions due to inclement weather. Production crew members who require medical attention have been taken to nearby hospitals.”

According to reports gathered by People, the tragic event took place while the 58-year-old singer was traveling from her Tuesday night show at Canada Life Center in Winnipeg to the SaskTel Center in Saskatoon, where she was scheduled to take the stage on Thursday. The Saskatoon show went on as planned.

The statement carried forward, saying, “We are incredibly thankful to the emergency services teams for their quick response and ongoing support,” concluding with, “We ask for patience as we look after our touring family.”

Twain’s ‘Queen Of Me‘ tour commemorated the concert in Spokane, Washington, in late April, and since has been performing all over the US, Canada, and the UK. The tour sees her supporting her sixth studio album, which arrived in February, as well as belting out her globally acclaimed songs of hers over the decades. November 14 will draw the closing curtain on her tour in Vancouver.

People stated that next year is also pivotal for the star since she will be launching her latest Las Vegas residency, Come on Over, in the spring.