Shanna Moakler alleges Travis Barker and Kim Kardashian had plans to hook up

Shanna Moakler Travis Barker Kim Kardashian
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In a surprising revelation on her “Dumb Blonde” podcast on Wednesday, Shanna Moakler shared another eye-catching detail about Travis Barker’s past. The “Meet the Barkers” alum is alleging that her ex-husband, Travis Barker, had intentions to “f–k” Kim Kardashian.

Moakler explained that she received an anonymous text containing purported conversations between the Blink-182 drummer and the Skims founder. “They were trying to meet up at her sister’s house to f–k,” she alleged.

Both Kim Kardashian and Travis Barker denied the accusations

Expressing her emotional turmoil, Moakler, 48, revealed, “I wanted this relationship to work. I was so in love with him,” recounting how she confronted Barker with the messages, only for him to delete them by claiming, “[He] said, ‘I don’t see anything.'”

Moakler further alleged that she reached out to Kardashian, 43, to address the situation, sharing, “She just said to me, ‘I don’t like white guys.'” She added, “I was like, ‘You’ll f–k anyone to be famous.’ … Travis and I never really recovered from that. I felt stupid.” Moakler and Barker share two children, Landon, 20, and Alabama, 18. They parted ways in 2008.

‘False narrative’

Barker has repeatedly denied any romantic involvement with Kim. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he stated, “You give people a little information and they think they’ve solved the mystery of ‘this is why they’re fighting.’ It’s just so ridiculous.”

He added, “It’s like, ‘Kourtney’s fans are worried about Travis. He’s a womanizer.’ Stop it.” Kim Kardashian has also dismissed the speculation, calling it a “false narrative.”

Moakler distanced herself from the Kardashian’s family

Moakler also claimed that she chose to distance herself from the “disgusting” Kardashian family, so “they couldn’t bond with my children over hating me.”

Moakler expressed a supportive stance toward her kids, saying, “Go do what you guys need to do and when you’re ready, I will be here loving you unconditionally. And I will be here as your mother, and I will wait. And that’s what I did.”

Moreover, Moakler alleged that Barker alienated their kids from her, allowing them to be “enamoured” by their dad’s and the Kardashian family’s wealth. She pointed out, “They’re buying them Prada, and they’re buying them gifts, and they’re going to these events and they’re meeting Kanye [West] and, you know, all this big stuff.”

Moakler found emails of Barker bashing her parental style

After Travis Barker survived a plane crash in September 2008, resulting in the tragic loss of four lives and leaving him with severe burns on 65 percent of his body, Shanna Moakler shared an emotional revelation. While attempting a connection between Barker and their children, Moakler discovered emails on his computer where he criticized her parenting style.

“We got his computer … We were hoping him seeing the kids would give him the strength to keep fighting,” she described, as per Us Weekly. “When I was setting up his computer … I looked in his email and I saw all the emails from the women. That didn’t bother me, but I saw all these comments in these emails about what a shitty mother I was. I couldn’t f–king believe that he was the one behind some of those comments. I went home and cried in my mother’s arms for hours.”

Moakler pointed out that “looking back now, I probably should’ve licked my wounds until he recovered.”