4 Side effects of drinking too much milk

Credits: Pexels

Milk is a complete meal. The very first thing that we give to a baby is milk. Having a creamy and slightly sweet taste, milk has won the tastebuds of people all around the world. Also, it has an amazing and mind-blowing taste. That’s why milk is used as an ingredient in the making of several desserts and curries.

Apart from that many food items that are enjoyed by people all around the world like butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, ghee, condensed milk, dried milk, ice cream, etc. are all derived from milk.


Apart from having an amazing taste, milk contains nutrients like Calcium, zinc, iodine, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), Vitamin B12, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc, iodine, etc. which are considered a boon for the human body. Having umpteen amounts of nutrients consuming milk helps in curing hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and much more.


But what we do not know is consuming too much milk can cause harm to the human body. It is advised to drink not more than three cups or 732 mL/d of milk per day. Consuming too much milk can lead to bloating, cramps, diarrhea, allergies, breakouts on the skin, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and much more.


If you consume more than three cups or 732 mL/d of milk every day, here are the 4 side effects of drinking too much milk that you need to know:

Digestion related issues

Having good digestion is the key to a productive day. Indigestion creates a feeling of uneasiness for an individual which disrupts the smooth functioning of life. Some of the reasons behind digestion-related issues are bacteria in food, infection, stress, certain medications, and much more. In order to have healthy and proper digestion, one should consume food items that promote digestion. Milk contains lactose and fat which can aggravate acid reflux. Also, if an individual is lactose intolerant, then they should avoid consuming milk as the body is not able to break the lactose properly. As a result, lactose is broken down by gut bacteria which eventually leads to gassiness, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, and other digestive issues can happen. So, to keep digestion related issues at a bay, one should consume milk within the healthy limit.

It may lead to nausea


A feeling of sickness accompanied by vomiting is known as Nausea. Some of the causes of Nausea are seasickness, pregnancy, intense pain, exposure to chemical toxins, emotional stress, gallbladder disease, food poisoning, indigestion, and much more. Nausea creates a feeling of discomfort for an individual and disrupts the smooth functioning of life. In order to keep Nausea at a bay we should consume food items that do not trigger it. Milk contains lactose also known as milk sugar. When we consume too much milk body is not able to produce enzymes that help to break it down which eventually leads to nausea. An individual who is lactose intolerant should avoid consuming milk as it will lead to Nausea and other problems.

It may cause acne


Everyone wants clean and radiant skin. And nobody wants acne. Acne occurs when hair follicles on the skin become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne is very disturbing and painful. Apart from this, there are many causes of Acne which include hormonal changes, certain medications, diet, stress, and much more. In order to cure Acne, we should keep a check on food items that we eat as a lot of food items also lead to the formation of Acne. Milk available nowadays is injected with growth and milk-production-regulating hormones which make the Acne worse by interfering with the insulin levels in the blood. In order to stay away from harm caused by artificial or injected milk, one should consume milk directly bought from a farm or milk which is not injected with chemicals or hormones.

It may cause ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Ovaries are the primary female reproductive system that plays very important functions that are necessary for reproduction which include secreting hormones, protecting the eggs a female is born with and they are releasing eggs for fertilization. Female hormones are very sensitive and an imbalance in female hormones can wreak havoc with everything whether it’s mental health or reproductive health. A type of cancer that begins in a woman’s ovaries is known as ovarian cancer.

There can be many causes behind ovarian cancer which include older age, inherited gene changes, family history of ovarian cancer, Being overweight or obese, endometriosis, and much more. In order to keep ovarian cancer at a bay one should consume food items that slow down or stop the growth of cancerous cells. Consuming too much milk can lead to ovarian cancer as milk contains lactose which breaks down in the body into glucose and galactose eventually leading to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. In order to keep ovarian cancer at a bay, one should consume milk within a limit.

Mentioned above are the 4 elaborated side effects of drinking too much milk. But as the side effects might vary from person to person, one should seek professional help before adding or removing from their diet.