Sienna Miller welcomes baby girl with boyfriend Oli Green

Sienna Miller welcomes her first child with her boyfriend Oli Green
Credit: Oli Green Instagram

With the start of a new year, Sienna Miller is celebrating the joyous arrival of her second baby girl who was born on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. 

Sienna Miller, 42, the talented actress known for her captivating performances on the big screen, has recently embraced a new role in her life—that of a loving mother—as she has embarked on an exciting journey of parenthood with her boyfriend Oli Green, 26. The happy news went viral when The Daily Mail exclusively reported about it after photos surfaced of Miller and Green in West London as the couple took a stroll for the first time with her infant in a £3,300 carrier on Wednesday.

The ‘Extrapolations,’ actress confirmed her pregnancy with a second child and her first with her boyfriend Oli Green back in August 2023. When she was clicked showed off her growing bump during a vacation in Ibiza, Spain as she embodied her signature boho style in a bump-skimming white beach dress. Miller also shares an 11-year-old daughter, Marlowe, born on July 7, 2012, who is her first child with The Sandman actor Tom Sturridge, 38, whom she dated from 2011 to 2015. 

The ex-couple has continued to co-parent since splitting three years later.

While speaking with Elle UK, she explained how she felt “pressure” about kids: “Should I have more, and why haven’t I, and all of that,” adding: “Which is a really loud noise.” She continued: “Biology is incredibly cruel on women in that decade – that’s the headline, or it certainly was for me.” Sienna concluded: “Then I got to 40 and I froze some eggs. Having been really focused on the need to have another baby, I’m just like, if it happens, it happens. That kind of existential threat has dissipated.”

On the other hand, while speaking with Vogue for their December cover issue, the actress opened up about having a baby later in life, saying that she isn’t exempt from her own insecurities. 

“I’d love to get to a point where I didn’t feel the need to make a joke of my being older and having a baby,” she told the outlet. “To show I’m in on the joke.” She went on to discuss her iconic belly-baring look at Vogue World in September, saying that she was “nervous about the idea of it, but once I had it on, everything else felt boring. I was like, ‘I’ll have that photo for the rest of my baby’s life.'” She also adds, “It’s kind of fascinating to fight your own prejudice against yourself. I’m constantly doing that.”

Speaking on the subject further with a video for Vogue, she admitted that pregnancy had been “unplanned” and “a total surprise and biologically was something I was able to do.” She added: “I think people are comfortable with a way of living that has existed for many years, which is very misogynistic and patriarchal. “Like me being the older woman in a partnership with a younger person or being pregnant over 40 and that’s irresponsible and poor child and it’s such double standards.”

Watch the entire interview on the Vogue YouTube channel below, where the ‘Anatomy of a Scandal,’ actress stops by the Vogue closet to talk about other crucial topics like living under the gaze of the paparazzi, the fight for gender pay equality, and her attraction to dark subject matter. Moreover, the moment when Sienna accidentally revealed the gender of her baby is also mentioned in this interview, as she continued to talk about her hesitancy to buy maternity wear and much more.

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