8 Signs you should get back with your ex

Signs you should get back with your ex
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We usually do question our decision of breaking up with our partner after some time making the decision. We just can’t help but question what we did. We sometimes even regret our decision and that is when things get painful. But if you and your ex are still in love even after some time of separating then it is not wrong to give your relationship another chance.

Here is something that could help you in figuring a way out of your dilemma. Here are the signs you should get back with your ex.

1. You broke up over some stupid reason

Signs you should get back with your ex 2

We, humans, can never be mature enough to not have silly and stupid fights. We are bound to make impulsive decisions like a breakup in our anger but this does not mean that we can’t reverse these decisions and make them right. If you and your ex broke up over something that seemed big at that very moment but isn’t really as big as it seemed you should surely give your relationship another chance.

2. You can’t ever stop thinking about your ex

Missing your ex after a breakup is completely normal but thinking about them at every moment even when you force yourself not to think is a sign that it is something more than just missing and deserves another chance.

3. You can’t just picture them with anyone else

Couple fights

Does the mere thought of your ex being with someone else break your heart? Do you never really want to lose them to someone else no matter how things are between you two right now? If yes, then you should put your ego aside and let them know about your feelings.

4. You still defend them even when they hurt you

Usually, after a breakup, your friends try to cheer you up by bashing your ex, but are you not able to take that? Are you still not able to hear anything bad about them? If yes, then you surely still love them and you should be together with them.

5. Your close ones think you should get back together

Your well-wishers and close ones will always want the best for you and if they think that you and your ex breaking up was a wrong decision and you should solve things out and reconcile then you should definitely give this a shot. Not for them but for yourself and the relationship.

6. You are ready to forgive them

Accepting an apology is not the only step that needs to be taken when you are trying to forgive them, rather it is just the first step. So, if you are really ready to forgive your ex for what happened and are not just faking it then you should try to be together again if that is what you want.

7. You want to be together even after a break

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A break from a relationship can really help you figure out a lot of things, it can help you in clearing your mind and deciding what you want. So, if you guys did have a break and still wish to be together you should surely give your love a try with all your heart.

8. You are not happy without each other

Your happiness lies in your ex and you did try to be happy after they left but have always failed, if this is the scenario with both you and your ex then you really belong with each other, and giving your relationship another try won’t be wrong.