7 Signs your love is fading away

Signs your love is fading away 2
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Falling in and falling out of love are two feelings that are not at all in our control. You fall in love and it becomes one of the best feelings you ever experienced if gets reciprocated. But have you thought about how it feels like when you start falling out of love? What does it look like? 

Falling out of love is one of the most common things and there’s nothing to be feel ashamed about. However, many people don’t recognize the signs until they are all out on your face. Initially, some dismiss it by terming it as a phase, while others opt to live in oblivion. However, none of these would help because the feeling of falling out of love comes naturally.

So, if you, too, have been feeling something’s wrong in your love life, here are some signs that might suggest your love is fading away.

1. You are not excited to meet your partner 

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There is an adrenaline rush, butterflies, and excitement when you meet the person you love, and if these things are no longer a part of your relationship, if your relationship is getting dull and you no longer want to meet your partner and are even making excuses for not meeting them your love is definitely fading away.

2. You are not as open as you used to be with them

We talk about everything without the fear of judgment with the person we love and if you are no longer comfortable sharing what you feel with your partner, if you start to second guess before talking to them, it should be an eye-opener for you that you are no longer in love with them.

3. You no longer talk about the future

Signs your love is fading away

If you love somebody you really don’t want to live any moment without them, the future seems empty without them being a part of it. And if that is no longer the case with you, if you are able to picture a future without your current partner you should realize that the love of your relationship is fading away and you don’t love your partner anymore.

4. You are interested in other people

Love brings in loyalty and if you find yourself checking out other people, daydreaming about dating other people you should know that you are lacking loyalty and that is only possible if your love is fading away.

5. There is no physical intimacy

Signs your love is fading away 1

It might be true that the honeymoon period of your relationship is over after some time and that is completely okay but this does not mean that there should be no spark between you two, you both should still crave each other at times, and you both should long for that physical connection between you two. But if that is not the case anymore, there is definitely something wrong, there is surely a chance that the love between you two is fading away.

6. Their habits no longer seem to be cute to you

Love is said to be blind for some reason, it makes you believe that even the annoying habits of your partner are cute. Whatever your partner does you find it cute but if you are noticing a shift in this if you feel that you no longer find the habits of your partner cute it might be true that the love in your relationship is fading away.

7. You don’t care about fixing problems with them

If you love somebody you want that love to last forever and for love to last forever you know you both will have fights but you also know that those fights do not mean the end of the relationship and you are ready to sort them out. But if now you feel that you no longer want to solve those problems and that you are okay with those fights resulting in the end of your relationship you should accept that your love is fading away.