6 Signs your relationship is worth fighting for

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Relationships are meant to be a roller coaster ride. They would not always be a cakewalk, and you will actually have some bad times from time to time. Things may get rough and there might be moments when you feel that you don’t even want the relationship anymore, that you just want to get out of it. But these are the real challenges of your relationship, these are the times when you have to keep yourself calm and think clearly.

We aren’t suggesting that you should support your toxic relationship, but you should at least know if your relationship is worth fighting for or not. Here are some tips to find that out.

1. Your partner is just not ready to give up on you

Sings your relationship is worth fighting for

People have a habit of easily giving up as soon as things start to get rough. You may be acting estranged or you may even be hurting your partner but when they are just not ready to give up on you, you should realize that you have something that is just priceless. You may not be okay at this stage, something might be bothering you but when you have someone by your side who is just not ready to give up on you, you should also try and fight. You should fight for this beautiful relationship.

2. You don’t feel the comfort you feel with them anywhere else

Comfort level is very important in any relationship, if you and your partner are comfortable being your real selves around each other you should really be thankful. Relationships are meant to have ups and downs but if you feel that you are not as comfortable around others as you are around your partner you should appreciate the bond and fight for it.

3. You still love each other

Sings your relationship is worth fighting for 1

Love is no logic but all magic, you may be broken, you may be hurt by the person you love and still love them. If you are hurt and are afraid of being hurt again, you should know that love is meant to hurt you at times and this should not be a reason for you to give up on it. You may feel okay for some time but will regret it forever. So, if you know that you love someone and they also feel the same just have the courage to fight for love.

4. You still can’t resist them

No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do they are still on your mind, they are still in your heart, the reason being you love them. And if you love someone you should fight everything and everyone to be with your love.

5. You don’t want to have a future without them

Are you able to see a happy future without them? If not, it’s a sign that you should stop forcing yourself to stay away from them. You people belong together and should just not fight that.

6. You still have that connection

Sings your relationship is worth fighting for 2

You might be very hurt or angry at your partner but you guys still have that spark, you guys still have that connection and it is just not going anywhere no matter how hard you try. You feel that sense of comfort with them, and the feeling of love that you cannot ignore. If this is your case you should really fight for your relationship.