Singer Monica Denise appears to faint during Houston concert

Singer Monica Denise appears to faint during Houston concert
Credit: Monica Instagram

During one of her recent concert shows in Houston, Texas, the fans of the “For You I Will” hitmaker were left stunned as the iconic singer and actress, Monica Denise Arnold, who was born and raised in College Park, Georgia, appeared to suddenly pass out on the side of the stage. This unexpected incident added a new layer of drama to her already sensational show, leaving fans concerned and eager to know more about what led to this alarming moment.

Eyewitnesses say that the 43-year-old artist was urgently whisked away by her crew member and into an ambulance, one fan even noted the same incident on X (formerly known as Twitter). “The Houston streets are talking! They’re saying Monica left in an ambulance after passing out by the stairs,” a fan wrote alongside a clip of Monica performing. “They say she came out late; 10:35 and people were walking out by 11:05. Concertgoers do say something seemed off.”

The incident left everyone in shock and raised questions about the toll that the demanding world of showbiz can take on even the most talented performers. 

As in the same post under the comment section, some accused her of faking it. Whereas, others questioned people for making such insensitive comments. A second fan left a message saying, “I pray she’s okay! Houston has one of the best medical centers in the world so I believed she’s be in good hands.” A third one wrote, “I hope it’s just exhaustion and she just needs rest, smh praying for Monica.” A fourth one said, “Praying for her! I remember her talking about her health issues in her tv show.”

In another video post from one concertgoer shared on X, the singer can be seen being carried off stage with her bleach blonde hair cascading down her back as she appears passed out at the side of the stage with a member of the crew quickly carrying them away from the spotlight with the caption reading, “We started recording to late but the lady literally PASSED OUT that’s why it needed so fast !” The comment section of this post has also been filled by her loyal fans who are praying for the singer’s recovery. 

Monica is sadly no stranger to several health issues which many fans have been guessing as a factor for this incident. It has been widely known that she has mitral valve prolapse, which is when the flap that separates the upper and lower chambers of your heart doesn’t close properly. In addition to this, the “Boy Is Mine,” songstress also has high blood pressure.

In a 2016 Huffington Post article, her health issue was detailed as her problems with her heart started at age 18 while on tour. She was singing her hit song Angel of Mine at a tour stop in Washington D.C. when she started losing consciousness. Most recently, many reports also claim that she was reportedly hospitalized for almost a month before getting back to her tour. As of writing this, no official statement from Monica’s reps has been issued on social media. 

Monica has two sons with ex-fiance Rodney ‘Rocko’ Hill, whom she dated on and off from 2003 until 2010. She has sons Rodney, 19, and Romelo, 16. Monica has a daughter named Laiyah, 10, with ex-husband Shannon Brown, an NBA player. They were married for eight years until she filed for divorce in March 2019. Most recently, Monica appeared on the song “Love Me Enough” alongside Nicki Minaj and Keyshia Cole on the “Gag City” deluxe version of Minaj’s album Pink Friday 2.