Sister Wives’ Kody Brown reveals how ex-wife Meri drove him to polygamy

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Kody Brown is spilling the beans on his ‘polygamous’ ways and how his ex-wife played a role.

In the Sister Wives Talk Back special on Sunday, featuring its part 3 conversation, the 54-year-old revealed that his ex-wife Meri allegedly “beat the love out of me over our first year of marriage,” leading him to believe and live a polygamous life.

While the 2022 footage of their breakup was on in the background, he said, “From the beginning, Meri and I had a lot of problems. I couldn’t fix them. I didn’t know what to do,” adding, “Divorce wasn’t an option in my world [so] just diluting the relationship was the only option I had. I’m going, ‘Hey, I need another wife because I can’t spend all my time with her.'”

After Brown and Meri tied the knot in 1990, they welcomed son Leon Brown. After this, his polygamous situation took off as he married Janelle Brown before welcoming Christine Brown and Robyn Brown into the plural marriage. People reported that Meri filed for divorce from Kody in order for him to take over Robyn’s children from her previous marriage.

Despite several tipping points in their married life, Meri and Kodi decided to proceed with the divorce. Kody reported that he was trying his best to remain in the marriage, until their split in December 2022. Up until this point, he didn’t want the family “breaking apart,” adding, “I didn’t want failed marriages. I didn’t want all the dysfunction that I have experienced with these ladies over 20 years.”

Meri said, “It’s interesting to me that he’s like, ‘This isn’t what I wanted either,'” adding, “Because in my mind, I’m like, why don’t you try for something more?” She further explained that her husband seemed beyond recognition at the time which hastened her decision to leave. She justified, “I really, really wish that he would take some sort of accountability and just be like, ‘I did love you as much as I could and as much as who you and I were, like I did love you,'” adding, “And then I realized that I didn’t and leave it at that.”

She continued about her estranged marriage, emphasizing that Kody should shoulder some of the responsibility that led to their split, stating, “It’s not fair for me to sit there and watch you have a marriage relationship with Robyn while I’m just in the shadows, never able to have an emotional, intimate relationship ever again.”

In an earlier episode of Sister Wives that aired in August, Kody revealed that his marriage with Meri had lost its spark after a while. He said at the time, “I feel like Meri and I have had a reasonably amiable relationship,” adding, “It’s distant, I don’t see her very often. I don’t know what to do with a marriage that’s supposed to be eternal, but doesn’t have any fire.”

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