Sixth Sense Season 3 Episode 6: Release date, expected plot and more updates

Sixth Sense season 3 episode 6

Sixth Sense production team is all set to leave no stone unturned in fabricating a new set of scenarios for the cast and the Sixth Man, and what’s for sure is that it will be as mind-bending as the earlier episodes.

For the unversed, Sixth Sense is a South Korean television program that is a somewhat semi-reality game show where the production teams offer the cast three absolutely believable scenarios out of which they are supposed to pick the fabricated one. Sounds easy? Trust us, it’s not.

Two seasons have already been out already and the third is currently on air with the final episode being around the corner. Jeong Chul-min has taken up the role of the producer as well as the director of the series and, along with his production team, has successfully made 27 episodes in total, with the 28th upcoming. 

Sixth Sense season 3 episode 6

Here’s everything we know about Sixth Sense Season 3 Episode 6: 

When is Episode 6 of Sixth Sense Season 3 releasing?

The new episode is right around the corner. Sixth Sense Season 3 Episode 6 is set to be released on April 22, 2022.

What will Episode 6 be about?

There’s no way one can know about the choices before the episode goes on air. However, what’s known is that Sixth Sense Season 3 Episode 6 is somehow going to revolve around the Financial management techniques of rich men nowadays.

Who’s in the cast of Sixth Sense Season 3 Episode 6?

  • Yoo Jae-suk
  • Oh Na-ra
  • Jessi
  • Mijoo
  • Lee Sang-yeob
  • Kwon Il-yong 
  • On Joo-wan

Sixth Sense season 3 episode 6

Sixth Sense Season 3: What is it about?

The cast members, along with a guest who is known as the Sixth Man, visit three different places or people. One of the three situations or scenarios is entirely fabricated by the production team. The cast members and the Sixth Man are thus required to figure out which one is fabricated by using their “sixth senses”.

  • For the first episode, the whole team decided which of the three choices was the fabricated one. From the second episode onwards, the cast members and the Sixth Man were split into two teams.
  • The production team appointed a spy who could be anyone from the cast and the Sixth Man. The spy will be informed of the fabrication prior to the episode. The spy’s task is to mislead the others into picking the incorrect answer, and the rest have to predict who is the spy among them.
  • If the teams pick the incorrect choice, the spy wins. The spy loses if the teams pick the correct choice.
  • The winners are given ‘Lucky balls’ with their names written on them each time they win. 
    • Each player of the team that picks the fabricated situation gets 1 Lucky Ball, except for the spy. If none of the teams is able to pick the fabricate out, the spy gets a Lucky ball per team. 
    • The team each would get an additional Lucky Ball if the spy was correctly predicted. And the spy wins an additional Lucky Ball if the spy was not correctly predicted.
  • The balls are then kept in a raffle machine which will pick a winner randomly at the end of the season, and the said person will receive a grand prize. The more balls one gets, the more is the probability of them being the eventual winner.