Skull found in Halloween section of Florida thrift store likely belongs to a human

Credits: Lee County Sheriff’s Office/PEOPLE

A skull found at a thrift store in Florida appears to have belonged to a human after it was recognized by an anthropologist who happened to be shopping in the store. The skull was casually on display in the Halloween section of the store, located in the North Fort Myers area, awaiting purchase on a Saturday, according to a news release shared by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, as reported by People.

The skull was bought ‘several years ago’

The news release stated that the store’s owner claimed that the skull had been discovered in a storage unit that they had bought “several years ago.” The LCSO Major Crimes Unit detectives retrieved the skull, and they also confirmed the skull to be of human origin.

While the police do not currently view the case as suspicious, they plan to run some tests on the skull in collaboration with the District 21 Medical Examiner’s Office.

 It is illegal to sell or purchase human organs in Florida

Under Florida law, it is deemed unlawful to “knowingly offer to purchase or sell, or purchase, sell, or otherwise transfer, any human organ or tissue,” including eyes, corneas, kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, pancreases, bones, and skin.

Human skull found in Arizona

In September, store employees at a Goodwill in Arizona stumbled upon a human skull in one of the donation boxes. This particular skull even sported a prosthetic eye in its left socket. Upon investigation, the police confirmed that the skull had no connection to any criminal activity.