Snoop Dogg announces he’s giving up smoking: ‘Please respect my privacy’

Snoop Dogg announces he’s give up smoking: 'Please respect my privacy'
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On Thursday, the American rapper took to Instagram to announce to his 82.5M followers that he was “giving up smoke” after much consideration. 

The announcement came as an unexpected surprise to his fans, who have been following him since the start of his career, because the iconic “What’s My Name?” rapper hasn’t shied away from publicly showing off his love of marijuana. Over the years, Snoop has been an avowed cannabis smoker, making it one of the trademarks of his image, which has also been seen in many music videos and other ventures he has participated in within the cannabis industry

Especially when the announcement comes just days after he and celebrity chef Martha Stewart released a line of ‘Best Bud Bags’ – designer clutches that come with a lighter and a compartment for weed.  

Moreover, he has been certified for medical cannabis in California to treat migraines since at least 2007. In a statement released on his Instagram handle, which has now accumulated more than 3 million likes, Snoop, 52, also urged everyone to respect their privacy during this transformative journey, quoting, “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.” 

Take a look at the caption he wrote on the black-and-white post:


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As soon as the post became viral, many fans and admirers of the artist reacted quickly to his post. While some refused to trust the artist, while others made light of his sobriety. One user on Instagram joked, “My man snoop giving up smoke is like Vin Diesel giving up ya family” One user commented, “The dude that rolled his blunts it’s unemployed for life 💀💀💀” Another one stated, “Respect my privacy at this time” is some real ass shit cause I know this was a painful decision 🥲” 

Even though many of his followers flooded the comments section by making light of the post. 

There were many who also supported the artist by leaving positive comments, “If snoop not smoking no more that’s a big ass sign fr to all smokers.” Another Instagram user stated, “You got it Snoop 💪🏾💪🏾. I just recently stop smoking I’m on day 14 I feel better than ever🕺🏿. I wish we can discuss our journey some day 🙌🏾” Third one left a comment simply stating, “Y’all do realize snoop is 52 and there is a point in your life when you want to change your life around for the better of your family.”

For decades, Snoop Dogg’s affinity for cannabis has been synonymous with his persona, and this isn’t the first time that the rapper has made his announcement. Back in 2002, he publically announced he was giving up cannabis for good, but that did not last long (a situation famously referenced in the 2004 Adam Sandler film 50 First Dates). Later in 2013, he claimed to be smoking approximately 80 cannabis blunts a day. 

Due to this, many fans are still in doubt about his decision and speculating whether he is being serious this time around or not.


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As of 2023, Snoop Dogg has his upcoming twentieth studio album, Missionary, set to be released through Aftermath Entertainment and Death Row Records next week on Friday, November 24, 2023. The production was handled by Dr. Dre, who launched Snoop’s career with the single Deep Cover (1992) and produced the rapper’s debut album, Doggystyle (1993).

The album is a return to the sound of the rapper’s first albums, released in the early 1990s.