Snowfall Season 6: What we know so far

Snowfall Season 6: When is it premiering and what we know so far?
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If had been watching the American crime drama series Snowfall, then you must have been awaiting the arrival of its next season. More so since the fifth season of the series had released in February 2o22, and it has been a year already. Here we have some news about the upcoming season of Snowfall.

The crime drama series will soon be returning on FX with its sixth season which is also going to be its last. The show which has been created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron, follows an ensemble of characters whose lives are greatly influenced by the first crack epidemic in the city. From a young, up-and-coming drug dealer, to a Mexican luchador, their lives are bound to intersect within all the cocaine-fueled chaos that ensues in Los Angeles.

Having first premiered on FX on July 5, 2017, Snowfall will be reaching its endgame in February 2023.

Check out the teaser trailer of Snowfall season 6 below.

Snowfall | Season 6 Teaser - "It Ends Here" | FX

When will Snowfall Season 6 release?

According to the official information, Snowfall season 6 will soon be premiering on February 22, 2023, on FX and will stream the next day on Hulu. The show will be airing at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It will be available for streaming globally on Disney+ under the Star banner.

We understand that it must be a piece of disappointing news for the fans as the sixth season will also be the last season of the series as makers won’t be renewing the show anymore.

Snowfall Season 6: When is it premiering and what we know so far?

How many episodes are there in Snowfall season 6?

Keeping the tradition alive of its previous seasons, Snowfall Season 6 will also be having a total of 10 episodes.

What is expected from Snowfall season 6?

Though Snowfall’s newly released teaser trailer, did not give away much about the plot of the season, it did hint at a final showdown complete with action, family conflict, and the struggles that the characters will have to face in order to keep their criminal business alive. From the teaser and the finale of series’ fifth season, it can be easily gauged that the plot of the final season will be revolving around the civil war and the battle for supremacy between Franklin Saint and his aunt, Louie (Angela Lewis).

Snowfall Season 6: When is it premiering and what we know so far?

Who will be the cast members of Snowfall season 6?

Snowfall season 6 will see Damson Idris playing Franklin Saint, Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald, a CIA employee. Apart from them, Sergio Peris-Mencheta  will be making a return in the series as Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, a Mexican wrestler turned enforcer in quest of the American dream.

Snowfall Season 6: When is it premiering and what we know so far?

The series will also star Michael Hyatt as Franklin’s mother Cissy Saint, Amin Joseph as Cissy’s brother and Franklin’s uncle Jerome Saint, Angela Lewis as Franklin’s aunt and right-hand woman Louanne Saint, Isaiah John as Franklin’s lifelong friend Leon Simmons, Alon Moni Aboutboul as Israeli expatriate Avi Drexler, and Devyn A. Tyler as Veronique Turner, Franklin’s lawyer who joins him to expand real estate investments.