So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date: Can we expect new updates soon?

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date Expectations: Everything we know so far
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The dynamic duo between the responsible erratic mother and the prodigal son will return to the screen soon enough.

But the question still persists “What is the So Help Me Todd Season 3 release date?”

We have all the updates you need regarding So Help Me Todd’s season 2, and they are right here. Get ready to embark on a familiar journey of bittersweet relationships, looming unspoken past wrongdoings, humor, guilt, and mystery surrounding complex legal cases and a mother-son relationship dynamic as we gear up for the second season.

After marking its season 1 finale on the CBS network channel on 18th May 2023, the series topped it up on the audience viewership scale. In response, the renewal of So Help Me Todd came sooner than we expected on 2nd February, 2023.

Check out the official renewal status post by the official Twitter account of @SoHelpMeCBS below:

However, this information has brought us all to a standstill since there was no official announcement regarding its release date, trailer, time, etc., so it has left the fans befuddled on the developments post-February 2023.

Another valid point to dwell on is the ongoing writers and actors strike, and the cataclysmic ripples its effects are sending throughout the industry.

Will So Help Me Todd’s Season 2 release date be affected by this? Will it even return in 2023 as promised?

We have compiled relevant updated news based on these questions and are more than happy to relieve you of your worries. Continue reading to find out more!

Is There A Season 2 of So Help Me Todd?

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date Expectations: Everything we know so far

Yes, a Season 2 renewal of So Help Me Todd was confirmed and released by the official page of the series, so there are no surprises there. Our favorite mother-and-son-detective-lawyer duo will return to your screens for another round of court cases, legal mysteries, and lots and lots of bickering!

So Help Me Todd Season 2: Release Updates

So Help Me Todd: Release date, cast, plot and more

This leaves us in a tough spot since neither CBS nor the official page of the series has not notified us of any tentative date for the release of its second season.

Hence, we know for sure that it won’t be reaching us this July or August.. or even September, for that matter. Why?

You guessed it right. It is none other than the writer’s strike, which has the writers close off their pen caps and march the streets in protest for their rights(WGA). Along with them, the artists (SAG AFTRA) have also taken to the streets when their contract with the AMTP expired on 30th June 2023. The double feature strike is entering its second month now, and there are no signs of reconciliation or compensation on behalf of AMTP.

Looks like we will be here longer than we anticipated.

So as of the final week of July, we have no updates with regards to the release of our beloved “Dramedy” series.

So Help Me Todd Season 2: Is it a part of the CBS fall lineup?

So Help Me Todd: Release date, cast, plot and more

Initially, when CBS released its lineup amidst the strike in May, our eyes were blessed when we daw So Help Me, Todd, to the list. However, this was short-lived because CBS updated their fall lineup series (2023-2024), and So Help Me Todd did not make the cut! Sigh.. we were so close!

All evidence is now pointing to the fact that So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 1 will air in mid-2024. This is following the fact that script writing for Season has not been concluded due to the writers being on strike.

We are distraught to inform you that our beloved series won’t be reaching us in 2023 at all. However, we urge fans to keep it together and go through what we think you will see in Season 2 instead.

So Help Me Todd Season 2: Expected Plot

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Release Date Expectations: Everything we know so far

Season 1 of this new dramedy series astounded the fans as they quickly got hooked on it owing to the introduction of a new trajectory to the typical legal mystery series. So Help Me Todd features some light comedy coupled with great character development throughout the first season.

A hyperactive single mother is left alone to fend for herself with two children (one prodigal son), and the other a sensible normal daughter while she continues building her career up at her law firm. Most of her migraines and mood swings surrounded her son Todd Wright (played by Skylar Astin), who had his private detective license revoked due to some questionable actions on his part.

However, he is more than capable of reading people’s minds, solving perplexing mysteries, and is tech-savvy. But he is laidback and needs some motivation to get back on his feet. That’s when his mother, Margaret Wright (played by none other than the ethereal Marcia Gay Harden), steps in and offers her son a chance to join her law firm and help her out.

This duo takes us through a whirlwind of emotions, cases, mysteries, and some serious laughs and ends the season on major cliffhangers throughout the final scenes of the final episode ‘Are You There Todd? It’s Me, Margaret.’

Watch the final episode preview here:

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

So Help Me Todd Season 1 finale episode showed us Margaret’s wit and her ability to challenge Beverly, questioning her methods so much so that she threatened to leave and start her independent firm. This incident was followed by a sparked romance between Gus and Margaret, Susan and Peter’s unforeseen elopement, but what left us completely awestruck was the return of Margaret’s ex-husband, who escaped to Ireland saying he has Parkinson’s disease. He stood at her entrance and uttered the words, “Iceland was horrible,” which gives us a haunting reunion of the two.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 will deal with the aftermath of these storylines since there is much to see and develop.

Speaking of the success So Help Me Todd has garnered, Amy Reisenback (the President of CBS) states, “So Help Me Todd has charmed viewers with the incomparable chemistry between Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin. With the series’ unique blend of captivating legal drama, laugh-out-loud humor, and intriguing family dysfunction, it’s no wonder the audience continues to grow.”

This means we will have more drama, humor, and family developments come our way in Season 2.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 Cast

So Help Me Todd: Release date, cast, plot and more

As of July 2023, CBS has not informed us of any new entries or exits of old characters from the show. So, presuming the status quo is maintained, here is a list of recurring cast members who will return to the show for Season 2 :

Main Cast

  • Skylar Astin as Todd Wright
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Margaret Wright
  • Inga Schlingmann as Susan
  • Madeline Wise as Allison Grant
  • Rosa Arredondo as Francey
  • Tristen J. Winger as Lyle


  • Clayton James as Chuck Grant
  • Thomas Cadrot as Chet Venables
  • Artemis Litsiadis as Clementine Wright-Venables
  • Jeffrey Nordling as Gus Easton
  • Leslie Silva as Beverly Crest


  • Vella Lovell as Lea Luna
  • Laila Robins as Natalie Harris
  • Briga Heelan as Amy Morelin
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur as Sydney
  • Jamie Chung as Lauren Park

In a conversation with the KOIN6 channel in an interview, when asked how they donned the roles, Marcia Gay Harden states, “Life is a mix of one of the things and what I like to do is mix it up.” The actress confirmed that she literally had to take The Bar to play the role of a Lawyer. Talk about commitment to character!

In sharp contrast to that, in the same interview, Skylar Astin said, ” I really take the case at face value. And that’s what Todd does. He did not graduate from a private detective school. He just uses his wit and street smarts.”

It is clear from the interview that the actors entered the realm of the characters in their entirety to prepare them for the roles.

Check out the full interview here if you are interested.

"So Help Me Todd" Co-Stars Talk Portland & New Series

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of So Help Me Todd?

While there are no official release date announcements for So Help Me Todd Season 2, when it does air (most probably in 2024), it will do so on the CBS channel, most probably in the 9/8c time slot every Thursday (following Season 1 protocol). There may be 21 episodes in total (unless the writing is again affected by the strike), with each episode run time being the typical 43 minutes. Then, later on Paramount + and Global TV in Canada.

However, So Help Me Todd Season 1 is streaming on the following platforms so you can catch up:

  • FuboTV
  • iTunes
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Google Play
  • Vudu

Hence, we, unfortunately, won’t be seeing So Help Me Todd in 2023 due to the bleak situation. However, it will make a comeback in 2024. We will keep you constantly updated on the matter, so keep an eye out for Web News Observer so you don’t miss out!