Sofía Vergara talks about ‘very difficult year’ after Joe Manganiello divorce

Sofia Vergara
Credits: Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Sofia Vergara has candidly shared the challenges she faced during what she describes as a ‘difficult year’, marked by her divorce from Joe Manganiello and the impact of the SAG strike.

In an exclusive interview with People at her skincare brand Toty’s launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 16, the 51-year-old actress reflected on the hardships she encountered in the past year and how she is ready to move on.

‘It’s been very interesting and very difficult’

“I’ve had a very interesting year,” said Vergara. ”I don’t want to say ‘bad’ or anything like that, but it’s been very interesting and very difficult.” The Modern Family alum went on to talk about the personal and professional setbacks she faced last year.

“I went through a divorce this year, the SAG strike that went on for so long,” the actress explained, referring to her split from Manganiello after seven years of marriage and the Screen Actors Guild strike that refrained movies and TV shows from being filmed. “I’ve seen my friends struggle — some had to take their kids out of their schools or had problems with their mortgages, so it’s been a weird, weird year.”

Sofia Vergara is ‘excited’ for 2024

Vergara continued to express her excitement for the next year and her upcoming projects. “It’s not like it’s bad,” Vergara said about 2023 before adding, “I think all the things are resolving, everything is going to be okay and I’m very excited for next year.”

When asked if the ‘Chef’ actress considers 2024 to be a ‘fresh start’ for her, she said, “I hope so,” before adding, “I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a fresh start at 51.” Vergara continued, “I don’t know if I’m fresh anymore, but I’m just excited.”

Vergara and Manganiello cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ for split

Vergara and Manganiello announced they would be ending their marriage in July 2023. In a statement to Page Six, the couple said: “We have made the difficult decision to divorce. As two people that love and care for one another very much, we politely ask for respect for our privacy at this time as we navigate this new phase of our lives.”

As per documents obtained by People in July, Manganiello officially filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple had a prenup, and Vergara, along with her lawyer, submitted documents to enforce it, ensuring she keeps her separate property and earnings, according to Entertainment Tonight.