Sorry For Your Loss Season 3: Is it happening or not?

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3
Credits: Facebook Watch

“I just hope that Matt knew how much he meant to all of you,” Leigh says as she tries to keep her tears at bay, the tides turning a bit. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Elizabeth Olsen, who most of us know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Scarlet Witch, is not just a red-themed witch with the powers to alter timelines, but she is far more than that. One of her performances that will lead us into the pool of tears is Leigh Shaw from Facebook Watch’s Sorry For Your Loss. Olsen portrayed a young woman Leigh, who lost her husband Matt and is dealing with that grief and trying to keep herself from falling apart. 

Created by Kit Steinkellner, the series stars Kelly Marie Tran, Jovan Adepo, Mamoudou Athie, and Janet McTeer, along with Olsen. Two seasons of Sorry For Your Loss have already been on air, and fans have been speculating on the possibility of a third season. 

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3

Here’s everything we know about Sorry For Your Loss Season 3: 

Will there be Season 3 of Sorry For Your Loss?

As of now, Facebook Watch hasn’t delivered any affirmation with respect to the renewal of Sorry For Your Loss for a third season after their cancellation announcement back in 2020, as reported by Deadline. However, it’s not like there is no scope of exploration in the series left. Multiple questions unanswered, unfinished stories, Danny and Leigh and their connection, everything has a scope of development without making it feel unnecessary. But given that Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 has already been canceled, it’s hard to say whether the makers will change their minds or if any other streaming platform will pick it up.

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 Release Date

Sorry for your loss season 3

Since there has been no confirmation with respect to Sorry For Your Loss Season 3, at this point, there is no release date accessible as well. Nonetheless, assuming nothing goes south and the renewal confirmation surfaces, we can anticipate that it would take nothing less than a year for another installment to hit the screens, which means the second quarter of the year 2023. 

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 Trailer

There has been no trailer for Sorry For Your Loss Season 3, taking into account the lack of the renewal confirmation. However, do take a look at the trailer of Season 2 in case you haven’t watched it or just want to revisit the story:

SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS Season 2 Trailer (2019) Elizabeth Olsen Series HD

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 Plot

**Spoiler alert**

Leigh proceeds with her complex journey of moving on after she loses her husband. However, with time she realizes that there is no specific way or time period to grieve our loved ones whom we lost, despite what the world says. Season 2 wrapped up at a point where Leigh gets to know about Nina, who might have been more special to Matt than her. The confrontation with Nina made it more unbearable for her as she said that she felt the same void Leigh felt in her heart after Matt died. Leigh and Danny’s relationship worsened too. 

Amy decides to sell her house, which she justifies by saying that it is a cage that is keeping the three of them from growing and moving forward in life. The sisters plan to leave for Vietnam and have a fresh start. However, it seemed like Leigh’s initial trauma got worsened which her discovery of Matt and Nina’s secret shenanigans, due to which she found herself horrified when she saw Matt’s vision in front of the car while it was taking them to the airport for the Vietnam flight. She gets out of the car and runs away from this vision of Matt. When she reaches her mother, she dry-heaves and blubbers the words, “Matt won’t leave me”.

The ending is a bit shaky and definitely has a scope for further exploration of the story. In Sorry For Your Loss Season 3, if at all it happens, we can expect to see who makes it to Vietnam and who doesn’t. It would be an opportunity for the writing desk to give a wrap to Amy’s story as well as work out the dynamics between Leigh and Danny. 

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 Cast

Sorry For Your Loss Season 3

We expect the main cast to return for Sorry For Your Loss Season 3 if the makers change their minds and give it the green light.

  • Elizabeth Olsen as Leigh Shaw. She recently lost her husband and is currently grieving. She left her job at Basically News and moved in with her mother and sister, and works at her mother’s fitness studio, Beautiful Beast.
  • Mamoudou Athie as Matt Greer. He is Leigh’s late husband. He used to teach English in a high school while aspiring to be a comic book artist. 
  • Kelly Marie Tran as Jules Shaw. Jules is Leigh’s adopted sister. She works at Beautiful Beast, too, while struggling with her alcohol addictions. 
  • Jovan Adepo as Danny Greer. He is Matt’s brother, with whom Leigh has a very unexplainable dynamic.
  • Janet McTeer as Amy Shaw. She is Leigh and Jules’ mom, who runs her own wellness studio, Beautiful Beast while struggling with her personal issues as well. 
  • Zack Robidas as Drew Burmester. He works as a proofreader at Basically News, Leigh’s former employer. Both of them are pretty close and can be considered best mates. Drew got engaged to another man named Ryan, who he didn’t tell Leigh, taking into account the death of her husband. 

Where to watch Sorry For Your Loss?

Both the seasons of Sorry For Your Loss are available on Facebook Watch.