Squid Game 2 star cast begins shooting in Seoul and Incheon

squid game 1
credit: Netflix

According to industry insiders on July 11, filming for Squid Game Season 2 has commenced, with production taking place in Seoul and Incheon. Lead protagonist Lee Jung Jae has already completed his first filming session, marking the start of the highly anticipated second season.

Casting Controversy Surrounding T.O.P

Controversy arose when T.O.P, previously subject to debate, joined the show as planned. He will portray a “retired idol” character, and his role is expected to have a significant impact on the storyline. Despite objections regarding his involvement, the second season of Squid Game proceeded as scheduled, indicating that Netflix, director Hwang Dong Hyuk, and the production firm are unlikely to release an official statement addressing the situation.

Additions to the Cast

Last month, Kang Ae Sim, Park Kyu Young, Cho Yu Ri, Lee David, Choi Seung Hyun, Lee Jin Wook, Won Ji An, and Noh Jae Won were announced as new additions to the cast of Squid Game Season 2. However, this announcement sparked controversy, primarily due to Choi Seung Hyun’s casting. Critics raised concerns about his past drug issues and recent controversies in the entertainment industry involving other celebrities like Yoo Ah In.

Lee Jung Jae’s Involvement and Agency’s Response

Lee Jung Jae, a close friend of T.O.P, was rumored to have recommended him for the role. However, Lee Jung Jae’s agency denied these claims, clarifying that casting decisions are solely handled by the director and production firm. The agency also emphasized that multiple actors auditioned for Squid Game Season 2, and Lee Jung Jae respects the casting process. Despite the backlash, the show’s production team has confirmed that T.O.P remains part of the series and has no plans to depart.

Overview of Netflix’s Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama series that has gained global acclaim since its release on Netflix. Created by Hwang Dong Hyuk, the show delves into the dark and thrilling world of a mysterious competition where contestants face life-or-death challenges for a chance to win a massive cash prize.

Plot and Concept

The story revolves around a group of individuals who find themselves in desperate financial situations and are offered the opportunity to participate in a series of deadly games called “Squid Game.” The games, rooted in traditional Korean childhood games, take on a sinister twist as contestants face intense physical and psychological challenges. With their lives on the line, the players must navigate the treacherous and morally complex world of the Squid Game to survive.