Standing Up Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Standing Up Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Will Netflix allow another season of the French dramedy? Read to know more about Standing Up Season 2.

The French dramedy Standing Up graced our screens on March 18, 2022. The renowned creator Fanny Herrero, who has another jewel to her crown Call My Agent, has focused her lens on the struggling life of stand-up comedians. Standing Up brings a fresh and new perspective to the comedy industry where four amateur comedians give everything up at a toss only to make the world laugh. As they struggle with love, life, and laughter, the six-episode drama centers around these four friends who juggle their jobs and passion, expectations, and disappointments all at the same time.

Fanny Herrero’s rejuvenating take on Paris’ expanding comedy industry has propelled the viewers to seek more. The question remains: Will there be a second season?

standing up s2

Standing Up Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, Netflix has put an ax on the renewal of Standing Up. In an interview with Variety, Herrero had opened up about her preparation for Season 2. She had completed writing two-thirds of the script. But all in vain because Netflix has not waved the green light. The news first comes from the French Magazine Les Incrockuptible.

Herrero has expressed her disappointment to the magazine at such a decision. She has said, “I’m obviously sad and disappointed that Netflix hasn’t let the series settle in more, given the enthusiastic, affectionate reception and testimonials from the press and the audience, full of young people we don’t know, who insisted on its freshness.” We are equally heartbroken at this decision.

Standing Up Season 2 Trailer

As already mentioned, the drama has not been renewed for its second installment. Hence there is no new trailer to share. But you can still re-watch the Season 1 trailer and ponder about what went wrong.

Standing Up | Official Trailer | Netflix

Why was Standing Up Season 2 canceled?

Netflix believes in viewership– an inclination towards quantity over quality. Despite the critical acclaim and appreciation for its legit freshness, Standing Up did not make it to the global top 10 as well as top 10 TV Non-English category. Even in France, it did not make it huge. Though it remained in the top 10 for 20 days and top 10 TV for only 26 days. The figures look poorer in the charts of Netflix Luxembourg, Belgium, Morocco, and South Korea. No wonder Netflix decided to put a stop to its renewal.

Standing Up Season 2

Standing Up Season2: What could we expect?

Had there been a Season 2, we could have got many more to savor. Though Season 1 did not end with a loose thread, it is super easy for the writer to concoct something new. Since these new voices of comedy are trying to leave their individual mark, there are always newer possibilities for the creators to navigate. The challenges never cease nor do the struggle. We could easily have a new season, only anything would change Netflix’s mind. 

Since that is next to impossible (yet hoping against hope), let’s recapitulate Season 1.

standing up s2

Standing Up Season 1 Recap

Call My Agent famed Fanny Herrero presents us with four fresh comedians who are trying hard to make a place in the sprawling industry. It is equally challenging and demanding. As they try to balance their personal life with their passions, they show courage and robust fortitude.  They even manage to make the world laugh at their skeptical observations and awkward confession. Herrero earnestly talks about the authenticity and sincerity of her characters.

The plot revolves around four friends Nezir, Bling, Aïssatou, and Apolline. While Nezir is a talented writer with few opportunities to showcase his talent, Bling is going downhill after his career reaches a peak. Aïssatou has finally made an entry into the industry which has put her relationship off the balance. Apolline passionately wants to be a comedian despite her mother’s disapproval. The drama manages to capture a part of Paris’ cultural life as much as the human experiences.  There’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Standing Up Season 2

Standing Up Cast

  • Aïssatou— Mariama Geuye
  • Bling— Jean Sieun
  • Nezir— Younes Bouelf 
  • Apoline— Elena Geudj

It’s a pity that we are not getting another season. But you still have Season 1 to re-binge on.