Stranger Things 4 will be lengthier than you expected

Stranger Things Season 4
Credits: Stranger Things/Twitter

Stranger Things’ creator said that Season 4 is pretty long, so it has taken so long to complete.

Stranger Things 4 is approaching, and with only a few weeks until we return to Hawkins, Netflix has published 12 official new photos from the show and a synopsis. The photographs have a distinct horror vibe to them — it appears that something nefarious is heading our way. 

Stranger Things creator Ross Duffer teased Season 4 in a podcast called Present Company with Krista Smith (via Netflix). Season 4 will please fans, but it will be very long. It is one of the factors why the season has taken so long to come to fruition.

He also mentioned that a few fan theories were “startlingly” accurate – though he wouldn’t say which ones. 

“I’m constantly impressed with how sharp the fans are, and how quickly they’re able to put something together with very, very little information,” he said.

The Duffer brothers announced the release date and mentioned the season’s nine scripts or nine episodes. Audiences will observe that this is the same number of episodes as Season 2 of Stranger Things.

Those episodes were approximately 50–55 minutes long each so that viewers can expect some relatively long with the same number of episodes but double the run time. 

According to Netflix Tudum, It is one of the “biggest and boldest installments of the series yet,” taking the audience to four different locations worldwide to defeat the Upside Down.

Netflix’s first look images also indicate a dark tone. Still, the characters we’ve grown to appreciate, with their 80s hairdos, a penchant for supernatural mischief, and Dungeons & Dragons Club, have a lot of familiarities.

Matt Duffer explains to Netflix Queue“They’re not kids anymore — they really are full-blown teenagers.”

“That’s why this season we leaned more into horror. We figured they should be in their own [version] of A Nightmare on Elm Street, basically.”

This season will undoubtedly lean more towards the horror side. Because the episodes are longer, the series can take its time, ramping up the fun and excitement of each episode.

Stranger Things 4 | Welcome to California | Netflix

Meanwhile, because Stranger Things 4 will take place in multiple locations, longer episodes might help ensure that each group receives equal attention throughout the season. 

There will be new faces, including Joseph Quinn as metalhead Eddie Munson, the best dungeon master at Hawkins High, and Eduardo Franco as Argyle, a laid-back California stoner who becomes Jonathan’s best West Coast pal.

Much complete conjecture was that Season 4 of Stranger Things would be the final series. Stranger Things 4 is divided into two parts.

The first part will be available on Netflix on May 27 and the second part on July 1.