Stranger Things spin-off and play confirmed by Netflix

Stranger Things
Credit: Twitter

There is no denying that Stranger Things has turned out to be one of the biggest shows on the popular streaming platform Netflix. Moreover, those of you who have just wrapped up watching the fourth season are surely aware of the fact that Season 5 is in the making! Showrunners Ross and Matt Duffer have come up with major plans for expanding the franchise and we couldn’t be more excited about the same!

Well, fans of Stranger Things no longer have to bid goodbye to the Mind flayer or upside down as a spin-off for the show is already confirmed.

The big revelation

For the unversed, the streaming giant Netflix has struck a deal with the Duffer brothers as a part of which their new plans have been revealed. A series adaptation of The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub, a live-action take of Death Note, a popular anime show, and a new stage play set within the Stranger Things world is going to be a part of the same plans. Moreover, the Duffer Brothers’ newly launched Upside Down Pictures banner is supposed to produce the upcoming projects.

The live-action spin-off of Stranger Things is based on the original idea by the Duffer brothers and will be co-produced by Upside Down and Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps. Talking about the stage play, it is supposed to be set within the mythology and the world of the already popular show.

The Talisman Connection

*Spoiler Alert*

Those of you who have watched the fourth season of Stranger Things may have already noticed a connection to The Talisman by Stephen King in the finale episode. It is the scene where Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) reads an excerpt from the same book to his girlfriend Max (Sadie Sink). It seems like we have already got a hint there and can rejoice about the upcoming 5th series where the series finally ends.

The fourth season of Stranger Things which was divided into two volumes was downright dark and emotional too. The introduction of new characters like Eddie Munson and Vecna (One) added further weightage to the already intense storyline. Moreover, Eleven and the team faced more challenges while on their way to finding answers to the unknown. With Will and the rest of the gang returning to Hawkins, we are yet to see what’s in store for everyone in the upcoming season. The season ends on an emotional note with many reuniting with each other and a few others trying to tie the broken knots.