Student, 10, dies after getting hit by two vehicles while crossing road

10 year old student car crash

Road accidents occur when you are least expecting them. One moment, someone is set to cross the street to reach the opposite end of the road. The next, a screeching sound overpowers their senses, and then nothing. Darkness.

A 10-year-old student from Texas succumbed to her injuries while crossing the road and being hit by two vehicles. The Arlington Police Department responded to the intersection of Sublett Road and Park Springs Boulevard to investigate an auto-pedestrian collision involving a child at approximately 3:56 p.m., per People.

The student, who was identified as  Liyah-Grace Holsey, is believed to have met with the unfortunate collision as she was “attempting to cross from the north side of Sublett Road to the south side when she was struck by two vehicles that were traveling in the eastbound lanes of Sublett Road.”

The police department reported per the news release that Holsey was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where the medical examiner confirmed that she had succumbed to her injuries. No criminal charges have been filed against either of the drivers involved in the crash, per the report.

In a statement to PEOPLE, The Arlington Independent School District said Hosley was a “wonderful student who loved to sing so much that she joined the choir and never missed a practice,” adding, “Words are not adequate to describe the grief everyone in the Arlington ISD feels today, especially our students, staff, and families at Mary Moore Elementary School, after learning that Liyah-Grace Holsey, a 5th grader at Mary Moore, died after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the street after school yesterday.”

The school district stated that she “will be deeply missed and never forgotten” and that additional counselors will be hired to comfort the students affected by her passing.

Mary Moore Elementary School principal Wendy Baker admitted she was at the accident scene with her assistant principal and accompanied Hosley to the hospital. She explained to  KXAS-TV, “We had a parent who had driven by and saw that there was an accident that had happened not too far away from here,” adding, “I think when you find out any of your children — as a parent, or as a principal, you are devastated. It is the worst nightmare that you can imagine.”

Baker also said, “She had a big impact on them, and you can tell, when they heard this, whether they heard this at home or here at school, they were devastated.”