Succession Season 4: What we know so far

Succession Season 4
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A thriller is such a trusted genre when you are confused about what to watch. Dramas that involve family politics and lineage rivalries are always a comfortable spot for us to sit and binge-watch, the reason being that such ideas are relatable. When we talk about money, power, and politics, the one show that comes to our mind is Succession.  

This show has been getting popular and an absolute fan favorite day by day with every season and episode. Because of this, just as the 3rd season ended, the fans have been very excited about Succession Season 4. If you, too, are waiting to hear about the status of Succession Season 4, here’s everything you need to know. 

Will there be Season 4 of Succession?

To all the fans out there, brace yourselves because The Roys are coming back! Yes, Succession Season 4 is confirmed and it’s happening. The confirmation came in October last year.


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Succession Season 4 Release Date

All we know, for now, is that Succession Season 4 is happening, but a release date is not been given yet, unfortunately. Since Season 3 just ended in December 2021, it might be too early to ask for specific details and, of course, a release date.

So, now it depends on the whole filming period as to when the viewers can get a trailer and an official release date. Thus, taking an estimation of, let’s say, by the end of 2022 or mid-2023, we can expect an announcement or the release date of the new season.

But we know, for a fact, that fans can’t wait for Succession Season 4. Here’s the proof.

Succession Season 4 Expected Plot

Succession Season 4


The creator Jesse Armstrong has emphasized that in future episodes the drama, the betrayal, and the games between the family and the business will continue. 

We all know how Logan is planning to sell out the family and at the same time, invest in the buyout offer of Wayster Roycon, while this goes on we also see that Shiv, Roman and Kendall will be the ones affected badly and will be left with nothing to protect themselves with. They are left to fend for themselves with each other and get through the hard time they are in.

Succession Season 4

Betrayal and disappointment are one of the major themes of this series, we know that most of the characters have betrayed others or let them down. Let’s take an example, Shiv was betrayed by her husband Tom, leaving her dead in the water. Kendall has his mental health at stake while he tries his hardest to be strong. 

We may also find that Logan may not be as trustworthy as we might believe. 

Succession Season 4 Cast

succession season 4

With the family being caught up in a huge drama and fights as well as a lot of plotting to go on, there is a high chance we might get to see all the major characters. 

Like, Brian Cox who is playing the role of Logan Roy. His children are Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Conan Roy who are played by Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin, and Alan Ruck respectively.

Where to watch Succession Season 4?

Just like how all the other seasons and episodes were aired and streamed on, this new season will also be aired on HBO and streamed as well on HBO Max. 

We can expect Succession Season 4 will be back with much more dark humor to keep its fans hooked.