Taylor Swift invited a surprise guest to her Eras Tour leaving fans shocked

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During her sold-out Eras Tour at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Taylor Swift delighted her ecstatic audience by inviting her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, to join her on stage. This unexpected reunion brought a wave of excitement and nostalgia to the crowd, adding an extra layer of magic to the night.

Taylor Lautner’s Dazzling Entrance

As Taylor Lautner made a grand entrance, descending the stage ramp with an impressive cartwheel and backflip, the audience erupted in cheers and applause. Swift took a moment to express her gratitude towards Lautner, acknowledging his positive influence during the creation of her iconic album ‘Speak Now’. She revealed with a smile that he performed every stunt seen in the music video, further emphasizing their collaboration and shared memories.

Lautner’s Admirable Message

During his appearance, Taylor Lautner also took the opportunity to express his admiration for Swift as both an artist and a person. He shared a heartfelt message, commending her talent and character. Lautner expressed his respect for Swift’s remarkable abilities and described her as a remarkable human being who embodies grace, humility, and kindness. His words showcased the deep connection and mutual respect they shared.

Reflecting on Their Past Romance

While their romantic involvement happened quite some time ago, dating back to 2009, Swift’s and Lautner’s reunion served as a heartwarming reminder of their shared history. Swift’s close friend shared insights into their past relationship, highlighting that it was never as big of a deal as the media made it out to be. Their reunion showcased a positive and supportive connection, emphasizing the maturity and genuine friendship they have maintained.

Unveiling of ‘I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)’ Video

Adding to the excitement of the night, Swift, Lautner, and actress Joey King, along with Presley Cash, who was featured in Swift’s latest music video, unveiled the highly anticipated video for ‘I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)’. This surprise unveiling further captivated the audience, creating a memorable moment during the concert.


The surprise appearance of Taylor Lautner at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour created an unforgettable moment of reunion and celebration. The audience was treated to an exciting performance, heartfelt messages, and the unveiling of a new music video. The night served as a reminder of the enduring power of music, genuine connections, and the ability to revisit the past in a positive and nostalgic way. As Taylor Swift continues to captivate audiences with her talent and surprises, fans can eagerly anticipate future performances filled with memorable moments and extraordinary experiences.