Taylor Swift’s Cryptic Messages: Speculations and clues about her relationship with Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift
Credits: Twitter

During Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert at New Jersey’s MetLife stadium, fans noticed a possible dig at her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift’s facial expression after singing a specific lyric in “The Archer” sparked speculation among fans. This article explores the fan reactions, theories, and Taylor Swift’s subtle hints about her past relationship with Joe Alwyn.

The Dramatic Grimace

A video clip posted by a fan captured the moment when Taylor Swift made a dramatic grimace after singing the lyrics, “Who could ever leave me, darling?” during her performance of “The Archer.” Fans interpreted this gesture in different ways, with some seeing it as a sassy performance move and others suggesting it held deeper meaning.

The Connection to Joe Alwyn

Fans pointed out that Taylor Swift was dating Joe Alwyn when she wrote “The Archer” for her Lover album. This realization led some fans to speculate that the grimace was directed at Joe, hinting at a potential fallout or unresolved issues between them. Social media buzzed with questions about what might have transpired between the former couple.

Bold and Blatant Messages

Several fans expressed their admiration for Taylor Swift’s boldness in expressing her feelings on stage. They applauded her for not resorting to subtlety but rather openly addressing the situation in front of a crowd of over 70,000 people. This added to the intrigue surrounding Taylor’s intentions and the nature of her current relationship with Joe.

“You’re Losing Me”

During her concert, Taylor Swift debuted a new track titled “You’re Losing Me,” which seemed to provide further details about her relationship with Joe Alwyn. The lyrics focus on the end of a relationship without the couple ever getting married. This song fueled speculation and offered fans more insight into the possible challenges the couple faced.


Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert has sparked fan speculation about her relationship with Joe Alwyn. From her dramatic grimace during “The Archer” to the release of “You’re Losing Me,” Swift has left fans wondering about the details of their breakup. While the true meaning behind these gestures and songs remains known only to Taylor and Joe, fans continue to dissect and analyze her actions, eagerly searching for clues about the nature of their past romance.