Tell Me Lies Season 2 is not coming in February 2023

Tell Me Lies Season 2 is not coming in February 2023
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When will the second season of this drama series release? Continue reading to find out more about Tell Me Lies Season 2. 

Attention viewers! Tell Me Lies series created by Meaghan Oppenheimer, which is based on the 2018 novel of the same name by Carola Lovering, is coming back with a second season sooner than we expected! Ever since the premiere of the final episode, “The Bedrooms of Our Friends?” of the first season, the viewers got to see Lucy and Stephen go to the semester’s last college party, and everything changed, leading to a major cliffhanger for the new season. 

It is fair to say that this has sparked much speculation among viewers as to how the story will unfold, prompting questions such as “When will fans be able to watch the second season?” Sadly, the fans who want to stream the show as soon as possible will have to wait a while. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a brief summary of everything you can anticipate, including the renewal status, release date, plotline, cast, and other details.

Continue reading to find out more about Hulu’s Tell Me Lies Season 2.

Tell Me Lies Season 2 is not coming in February 2023

Tell Me Lies Season 2: Is it premiering in February 2023?

Unfortunately, the new season will not return on the network until February 2023, so fans will have to wait a little longer and be patient!

If you recall, the series was renewed for a second season back on November 29, 2022. Since then, the prospective premiere date has yet to be acknowledged. But if we have to predict the potential release date of Tell Me Lies Season 2, it might happen sometime around mid-2023, just like the prior season. It is expected to air at the same time slot of 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on the streaming platform which premiered its first season back on September 7, 2022.

As stated above, a statement about the show’s official release date and time slot is still pending verification by Hulu. So, this is just speculation that the next season might follow the same pattern and be released in a similar time frame if the network decides to go with the same schedule. The official Twitter handle also shared the announcement with its followers, quoting, “see you for season 2. <3 #TellMeLies” Take a look at the official announcement on the Twitter handle below: 

Tell Me Lies Season 2: What to expect?

Tell Me Lies follows a tumultuous but intoxicating relationship as it unfolds over the course of 8 years. When Lucy Albright (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen DeMarco (Jackson White) meet at college, they are at that formative age when seemingly mundane choices lead the way to irrevocable consequences. Although their relationship begins like any typical campus romance, they quickly fall into an addictive entanglement that will permanently alter not only their lives but the lives of everyone around them.

The next season is expected to continue from the last episode, “The Bedrooms of Our Friends,” which is directed by Robin Wright and written by Meaghan Oppenheimer. The viewers got to see that Lucy and Stephen go to the final party of the semester, and everything changes, which has definitely left many important cliffhangers and questions which need answers. 

In an interview with Deadline, When asked, “What would you have Lucy do in a second season?” Van Patten replied, “There’s so much. What is the rest of her experience with Stephen in college? I mean, she must have to go back to him. That seems like a relationship that’s just a constant push and pull. And then I’m like, how does she end up with Max? Because in the present day, she’s settled and living with Max and seems stable and seems like she has it together. And to watch that journey of her get there and then have Stephen just pop into her life again, I would love to see the process of that. It’s probably going to be so extremely painful because watching her get it together and heal and begin the healing process and then he’ll just get right back in there at the perfect time.” 

The main cast members of the series who are expected to reprise their roles in the new season are as follows Grace Van Patten as Lucy Albright, Jackson White as Stephen DeMarco, Catherine Missal as Bree, Spencer House as Wrigley, Sonia Mena as Pippa, Branden Cook as Evan, Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew, and Alicia Crowder as Diana.

There can be new characters introduced in the new season, which will be disclosed once the show creators decided to reveal the details. Meaghan Oppenheimer serves as executive producer and showrunner. Emma Roberts, Karah Preiss, and Matt Matruski executive produce under their Belletrist Productions banner, and Laura Lewis and Stephanie Noonan executive produce for Rebelle Media. Shannon Gibson and Sam Schlaifer executive produce for Vice Media’s Refinery29. Jonathan Levine also serves as executive producer. Lovering serves as a consulting producer.

Tell Me Lies Season 2 is not coming in February 2023

Tell Me Lies Season 2 Episode Count and Streaming Options

The forthcoming season is expected to have the same range of about 10 episodes with a runtime of 45 to 53 minutes, which are expected to drop on subsequent Wednesdays. It is speculated that it is intended to follow the same framework as the prior seasons to be consistent. On the other hand, we’d also like to point out that, as of February 2, 2023, the exact titles and numbers for the episodes cannot be confirmed. In the meantime, we’ve put together a complete episode guide below for the first season to help you understand the plot that will unfold in the new season.

Episode 1: Lightning Strikes: Lucy starts her freshman year at Baird College, where an unexpected turn of events during Welcome Week flips her life upside down.

Episode 2: Hot-Blooded: Lucy struggles with the aftermath of Welcome Week and goes on her first date with Stephen.

Episode 3: We Don’t Touch, We Collide: Pressure on Wrigley intensifies, bleeding into his relationship with Pippa; Lucy and Stephen discuss exclusivity.

Episode 4: Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: Bree attempts to lose her virginity; Stephen goes to New York City for the weekend, while Lucy tries to figure out where their relationship stands.

Episode 5: Merry F… Christmas: Lucy and Stephen go home for winter break and deal with family tension; Lucy uncovers a secret.

Episode 6: And I’m Sorry if I Dissed You: Lucy faces Stephen about what she found at Macy’s memorial.

Episode 7: Castle on a Cloud: The group goes to Evan’s lake house for his 21st birthday.

Episode 8: Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion: Pippa has complicated feelings after Wrigley meets her dad; Lucy decides to protect Stephen.

Episode 9: Sugar, We’re Going Down Swinging: Things between Wrigley and Drew come to a head; Lucy is forced to confront her past.

Episode 10: The Bedrooms of Our Friends: Lucy and Stephen go to the final party of the semester and everything changes.

For the time being, we recommend that viewers follow the show’s social media handle to stay up-to-date on the latest details about the second season. When released, you can watch Tell Me Lies Season 2 along with the first season and other shows on Hulu. In order to receive updates on when the show premieres on Hulu, interested viewers can also enable notifications. 

Tell Me Lies Season 2 is not coming in February 2023

Tell Me Lies Season 2: Is there any teaser or trailer?

No, the network has not released a new teaser or trailer for the new series, which will be published once production is completed on time and premiere day draws near for Hulu. In the meantime, we suggest that you check out the first season, which has received promising reviews from critics and fans around the world.

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an 86% approval rating with an average rating of 5.7/10, based on 7 critic reviews. On the other hand, Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 65 out of 100 based on 8 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews.” Take a look at the official trailer for the first season below:

Tell Me Lies Season 1 Trailer

Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for more Tell Me Lies Season 2 updates.