Texas woman found burned alive with butcher’s knife nearby

melissa davis
Photo: Melissa Davis/ Facebook

A 33-year-old woman, Melissa Davis, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Texas, and the scene has left authorities looking for answers. Her body was found charred on a road in Austin, Texas. The first responders on the scene were the firefighters who went to the site as reports of a grass fire came around 5 a.m. on September 29, 2023, the official statement from the Austin Police Department says, as reported by People.

The official statement also reads, “This case is being investigated as Austin’s 47th homicide of 2023,” which hints at an alarming issue. Once the woman’s body was found, it was declared dead, and the police say it was a homicide. The KXAN TV reports that, once a search warrant for Davis was issued, first responders saw a pungent odor that they described as a “strong odor of accelerant” around her body.

Photo: Dignity Memorial

The police also said that a butcher knife was found at the crime scene, and the police say it “was placed with the decedent in an attempt to destroy the evidence with the fire,” this is also stated in the warrant, as reported by People.

The KXAN TV reports, while citing the warrant that she was burnt alive, and there was no sign of other trauma to the deceased’s body. People reports, “As the investigation into her death continues, police are now searching for Davis’ car, per the statement. It is described as a 2016 blue Toyota 4Runner with the Texas license plate number KYV3765.”

In an interview, Davis’s best friend, Ellie Simmons, spoke to the local station KVUE and revealed that her best friend loved art and wanted to share her passion across the globe.

The online obituary of Davis reads, “Davis received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of North Texas and a master’s degree in international sustainable tourism.” Her best friend Simmons added, “And we actually had dreams together with one of our other friends to start a hostel in Costa Rica and we would have an art station.”

Her family also explained how sustainability was important to Davis. Mirror reported, “Her college years also helped nurture her love of nature and the Earth as a whole. Sustainability was extremely important to her, and she eventually went on to gain a joint Master of Science degree in International Sustainable Tourism from the University of North Texas.”

As of October 10, 2023, no arrests have been made. Her obituary also goes on to describe her as a person who “loved traveling and would fully immerse herself in the local surroundings to try and learn about new cultures and different ways of life.” She was also an animal lover and a dog mom to Dudley. Her family is not just sad about her demise but about the fact that her dog is now left alone.

Mirror reported,  “She took immense pride in being a dog mom to Dudley, who was her constant companion for the past six years – he wanted for nothing!” After the case of serial killer William Reece, who shook the internet in January 2023, this is a new case that needs to be investigated in depth, and the butcher’s knife also needs to be decoded.