Texas woman gets 75 years sentence for locking victim in dog crate, pouring boiling water on her

Credit: Pexels, Reference Picture

Unthinkable crimes of passion emerge from the depths of complicated minds who never accept themselves as a part of civil society. While their exteriors may paint themselves as well-cultured and ‘normal,’ what lies beneath is a sea of insecurities, twisted thoughts, and the urge to commit sins that they know will put them behind bars. So why do they do it?

People reported via a local District Attorney’s office that a Texan woman, who poured boiling water over the victim and locked her in a cage whom she “tricked…into living with her” has been sentenced to 75 years of prison. Alicia Calderon “controlled [the victim] with unthinkable torture,” Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis said, according to a statement from the Collin County DA’s office.

In February of 2022, a 911 call from the victim’s stepfather, who was informed by the victim herself led to the police charging into Calderon’s house. People reported that as the Collin County Sheriff’s Office officers reached the crime scene, what they encountered were traces of unthinkable torture.

Alicia Sanchez Calderon, Woman Gets 75 Years for Locking Victim in Dog Crate, Pouring Boiling Water on Her

As per reports, “They found the victim, 24, with second-and-third-degree burns and her head shaved. Stones were stacked up against a door where the victim was trapped inside. They also found an elderly woman with disabilities in a deteriorating condition; officers initially thought that woman was deceased. The DA’s office said the victim had been assigned to care for the elderly woman, as well as Calderon’s children, and to clean the house in exchange for rent-free accommodation in 2019.”

Leading further into the investigation, officers found out that in 2021, on two accounts “Calderon allegedly poured boiling water on the victim, who suffered burn injuries in her legs after she was accused of stealing food. In a separate incident, Calderon allegedly poured boiling water on the victim, injuring her chest, arms, and back, and then denied medical treatment.”

Collin County Sheriff’s Office said on Thursday to People that it was discovered that Calderon had depleted the elder lady’s bank account, and $78,000 of her inheritance had been stolen. August 2022 saw the event of Calderon being charged with exploitation of the elderly, injury to the elderly with intent to cause injury, and aggravated assault with a weapon causing serious bodily injury to a household member.

For the first two charges, since the investigations are still underway, Calderon had not been served yet. However, for the third (aggravated assault charge) in which the 24-year-old victim discussed her trauma and the lifelong nerve damage she sustained, a jury found Calderon guilty.