That ’90s Show Season 2: Will we get to see another season?

that 90s day season 2
Credits: Patrick Wymore/NETFLIX

Searching for a sitcom to binge-watch? Netflix already has one for you, and guess what, we are back to Point Place. Does this take you back to the much popular That ‘70s Show? Then you are not wrong.

Trying to get its first hit sitcom series since The Ranch, Netflix has now released a new sitcom That ‘90s Show, on January 19, 2023. After having watched the first season, fans are now looking towards a potential season two. Here’s everything we know about the potential second season of That ’90s Show on Netflix.

A Netflix Original sitcom and a reboot of the iconic series, That ’70s Show, That ’90s Show, has been directed by Gail Mancuso and written by creators Gregg Mettler, Bonnie Turner, Lindsey Turner, and Terry Turner. Casey-Werner is the production company behind the series, with Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner being listed as two of eleven executive producers on the show.

Watch the trailer of That ‘90s Show below.

What is the plot of That ‘90s Show?

Set in the year 1995, That ‘90s Show follows Leia Forman (Callie Haverda), the daughter of Eric and Donna from the original series (That’70s Show), who visits her grandparents in Point Place for summer. Leia being desperate to reinvent herself during the vacation, bonds with a new generation of Point Place, under the watchful eye of Kitty and the stern glare of Red. She also has a potential love interest in Jay, the son of Michael and Jackie aka Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who make cameo appearances in the new series.

That '90s Show: Will it be renewed and what we know so far?

Will That ’90s show have a season 2?

At the time of writing, there is no official confirmation from its streaming platform Netflix about whether the series will be getting renewed for a second season or not.

Since the first season of the sitcom has just been released on the platform, the viewing data of the next month will be crucial, among other factors, to decide the future of That ‘90s Show.

What to expect from That ’90s Show season 2?

Leia returning to the Point Place

The drive from the Chicago where Leia stays with her parents, to Point Place takes a few hours. This means in order to spend any significant time at Point Place Leia will have to wait until Christmas, Spring Break, or Summer Vacation. Since the ’90s went through a ton of different trends, so lots can change each time Leia visits.

That '90s Show: Will it be renewed and what we know so far?

Leia’s equation with Jay, Nate and Nikki

In an unexpected turn of events, just before Leia was to leave Point Place she almost kissed Nate, Jay’s best friend, and Nikki’s boyfriend. However, Nate’s sister Gwen, walked in just in time, saving the duo.

Extremely confused by whatever just transpired between them, Leia and Nate have not yet been fully able to think about how their complicated new feelings will change the dynamic of the group. It remains to be seen what will Leia decide – whether or not she wants to be with Jay, or risk hurting Nikki to try and be with Nate.

Though one thing that we can say is Leia and Nate is a much better match for each other than their current significant others.

How Kitty and Red manage the basement dwellers while Leia is away?

With Leia going back to Chicago, Kitty has already told her friends that they can use the basement as much as they want to while she’s away, leaving Red furious. After already living through a generation of basement-dwelling “dumbasses” he now has to survive a brand-new generation.

We surely can’t wait to see Red’s reaction to the new basement dwellers while Leia is away. Moreover, it will also be interesting to see Kitty act like a surrogate grandmother for all of Leia’s friends.

Will we see more of Eric?

We saw a lot more of Donna than Eric in the first season of That ‘90s Show. However, this was because Eric had been spending a large chunk of summer at camp. Hope we get to see Eric more in the next season, as he attempts to bond with his teenage daughter.

That '90s Show: Will it be renewed and what we know so far?

Whom can we expect in the second season of That ‘90s Show?

Since the show has an ensemble cast, we expect the majority of the members to return for the second season;

Callie Haverda as Leia

Kurtwood Smith as Red

Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty

Mace Coronel as Jay

Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen

Sam Morelos as Nikki

Reyn Doi as Ozzie

Maxwell Acee Donovan as Nate

Apart from them, we may also see more guest appearances from the previous cast members of That ’70s Show, like:

Topher Grace as Eric

Laura Prepon as Donna

Ashton Kutcher as Kelso

Mila Kunis as Jackie

Wilmer Valderrama as Fez