The best Ryan Gosling movies to watch


Who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling? More so, after watching him play the cute villain, or not, in the recently released Barbie. This tall handsome Canadian actor debuted his first film as a child artist on Disney channel’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” when he was just 13. After the release of the romantic drama film known as “The Notebook”, people went crazy behind him.

As we all know, he is not only famous for his looks and personality but also for his acting skills which are just top notch. You will cry your heart while watching him in any of his romantic films. It’s very strange how he played so many different characters in different genres, with the same confidence and spark. So just stop scrolling through your mobile screen and follow this list where you find the popular movies of Ryan Gosling. 

The Notebook

Release date: 25 June 2004

Rating: 7.8/10

Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands and others


“The Notebook” is one of the best movies of Ryan Gosling which was directed by none other than Nick Cassavetes. The plot is all about a love story of a poor, mediocre boy named Noah and a rich girl Allie, who were madly in love with each other. But Allie’s parents never accepted their relationship. Afterwards the story took an emotional yet interesting turn when Noah went off to serve in World War 2, his beloved fell in love with another person and soon they decided to engage themselves in the eyes of law. This is an extremely emotional movie, and we are sure that you cannot hold your tears while watching this movie. 

Barbie (2023)

Release date: 21 July 2023

Rating: 7.2/10

Genre: Fantasy Comedy-drama 

Cast: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Emma Mackey and others. 

British Vogue

The most hyped movie of this year was Barbie. People all around the world went crazy and this affected the box collection of Barbie to a great extent. Also the famous character Ken was played by none other than Ryan Gosling. The story is all about the so-called fantasy world of Barbie and Ken, who were living an amazing life in the Barbie world, which we often dreamt of. But soon when they got a sudden chance of living in the real world with the humans, they faced tons of difficulties while living among the humans. To know the rest, give it a watch if you haven’t already.

Blue Valentine

Release date: 29 December 2010

Rating: 7.3/10

Genre: Romance and Drama

Cast: Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling, Mike Vogel, Faith Wladyka and others.

Blue Valentine (2010) Official Trailer - Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling Movie HD

How can we forget about this most liked film of Ryan Gosling. This particular movie has an approximate $ 16.6 million box office collection till date. The plot of the story revolves around the life of a couple, Dean Pereira and Cindy Heller Pereira who were living with their daughter known as Frankie. But none of them have ever imagined getting married and leading a harmonious and happy married life. Rest you need to watch the movie and find out whether their married life survived or not after so many hurdles. 

La La Land

Release date: 9 December 2016

Rating: 8/10

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Musical

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, J.K. Simmons, John Legends and others. 

la la land
The Asbury Collegian

“La La Land” was directed by none other than Damien Chazelle and stars the famous Ryan Gosling as a lead character. The storyline of this movie involves two passionate people, Mia and Sebastian, who were following their passion in the city known as demolishing hopes and destroying hearts. Later they fall in love with each other but they faced many hurdles while balancing between their love life and their passions. The story has a perfect blend of romance and reality, and it’s worth watching. 

The Gray Man

Release Date: 22 July 2022

Rating: 6.5/10

Genre: Action, Thriller 

Cast:Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Rege-Jean Page

THE GRAY MAN | Official Trailer | Netflix

This American action thriller film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, was based on the storybook known as “The Grey Man”. The film has a stellar ensemble that includes Ana de Armas and Bridgertons breakout Rege-Jean Page, and the action scenes have a Fast & Furious and The Winter Soldier vibe to it. An example might be a runaway train that crashes during a shooting in Prague.

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