The best wedding trends of 2022

wedding trends

The year 2022 witnessed everyone edging back to normalcy, including various events like weddings, functions, and more! The best part was that weddings found back their lost glory and the colorful extravagance they were known for. Of course, the pandemic has left everyone craving for human connections. It is the reason why couples and their parents are looking to make weddings more special. 

Now that many of you are planning your weddings in the coming months so, why not catch up on some of the hottest wedding trends of 2022? Get set, go and plan the perfect celebrations by having a look at the following trends that are creating hype this year. 

wedding trends

No more big fat weddings

Laidback luxury is something that has become popular in the past two years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, most people prefer close-knit wedding celebrations with plush settings and unique personal touches that catch everyone’s eyes. 

The small details

Most couples and their families are opting for smaller and intimate functions while focusing on better quality experiences. Unique customizations and personalizations have become trendier by making the celebrations more memorable for couples and their loved ones. 

Curated guest list

wedding trends

Larger-than-life weddings with whopping guest lists have become a thing of the past. Even though the COVID restrictions have eased everywhere, most couples and their families have started preferring smaller get-togethers with only the closest of people. Curated guest lists will make the celebrations memorable and personal. 

The food menu

One of the most significant and memorable parts of a wedding celebration is, obviously, the delicious food menu. With time, couples have started choosing unique food menus with special options and certain unusual items! The best way to connect with everyone is by having the dishes that match your love story, first date, favorite restaurant, etc. In short, you can do a little storytelling through food! 

The rules on wedding entertainment

Entertainment is a significant part of wedding celebrations, but right now, it is not only limited to dance and music performances. Instead of the usual functions, couples prefer rain dance, disco nights, stand-up comedy, photo booths, and whatnot! 

Daytime weddings

wedding trends

Gone are the days when you used to take wedding vows under the stars. It’s high time that you host an amazing daytime wedding with refreshing decor and ambiance. 

Vintage engagement rings

How about selecting beautiful vintage jewelry for your D-day? Especially the engagement rings! It’s time to bring back the delicate charm and old romance associated with delicate filigree, art deco inspiration, and classic diamond cuts! 

If you are planning your wedding this year, it’s high time you go through the latest trends and plan the most extravagant functions ever!