The Circle Season 4: Everything we know so far

The Circle Season 4: Release Date, Another Season, and other updates
Credits: Netflix

Reality TV is the new black of the TV world, and it is going to get a lot spicier with The Circle Season 4 hitting our Netflix screens. 

The Circle follows a bunch of strangers who will compete for the $150,000 cash prize but with social media. Not the Instagram and Snapchat we commonly use, but a social network called the Circle, which is especially designed for the very purpose of this game. The participants can contact each other only via text messages and can pose as either themselves or catfish as someone else and end up with more than a hundred thousand dollars in their hands. 

Three seasons of the series have been on air and here’s everything we know about The Circle Season 4:

The Circle Season 4 Release Date

The release date of The Circle Season 4 was released via a tweet on the official Twitter handle of the series. As per the tweet, The Circle Season 4 is all set to release on May 4, 2022, on Netflix. 

How many episodes will be there in The Circle Season 4?

As per the officially released information, there are going to be 13 episodes in total in The Circle Season 4

The Circle Season 4 Episode Guide

The fourth season of The Circle is all set to have 13 episodes which will be released in a peculiar fashion. The first four episodes of the series will release on May 4, 2022. In the next two weeks, Netflix will release more batches of four episodes each. In the following week after that, the final episode will be released. In easier terms, the season will roll out as follows:

– Week 1 (Wednesday, May 4): Episodes 1-4

– Week 2 (Wednesday, May 11): Episodes 5-8

– Week 3 (Wednesday, May 18): Episodes 9-12

– Week 4 (Wednesday, May 25): Finale Episode

The Circle Season 4
Credits: Netflix

The Circle Season 4 Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer of The Circle Season 4 on April 27, 2022, and seems like it’s gonna be one crazy ride, and things are gonna get ‘spiced’ up. The trailer starts with the information of their server getting breached. We have the intuitions that this season will be juicier than ever before based on the United Kingdom flag that is shown over the word “spice” and very familiar silhouettes popping in.

With this tease, we can expect or at least keep our fingers crossed for all or some of the Spice Girls members to be a part of the game. Will they be coming as players or the influencers or they would be here just to mess up with the contestants, we can only know after it releases next week. 

The Circle Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle Season 4 Official Synopsis

The Circle is back for Season 4, and we’re turning the heat up higher than ever! What else would anyone expect from the spiciest season yet? More catfishing, more drama, more money and surprises await as a new set of contestants compete in challenges to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. The Circle is hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau.

Who will be hosting The Circle Season 4?

The trailer has confirmed that Michelle Buteau will be reprising her role as the host of the upcoming season. Michelle is an American stand-up comedian and actress. She also works as a host for television and podcasts. She was last seen in 2022 films, Marry Me and Moonshot

The Circle Season 4 Players

The official Twitter handle of The Circle revealed the initial set of players for Season 4 via a tweet. These players included four catfishes and five players participating as themselves. Additionally, extra players will be revealed as the season progresses. Following is the list of the cast ensemble released till now:

  • Alex Brizard
  • Alyssa Ljubicich
  • Crissa Jackson
  • Frank Grimsley
  • John Franklin
  • Josh Brubaker
  • Parker Abbott
  • Rachel Evans
  • Yu Ling Wu

Will there be Season 5 of The Circle?

Netflix announced on August 9, 2021 that they had already renewed The Circle for Seasons 4 and 5. However, there has been no further information regarding it as The Circle Season 4 is yet to be released.