Is The Circle Season 5 canceled?

the circle season 5
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Circle, what’s the update on The Circle Season 5? Continue reading to find out.

There’s something about reality series that keep the viewers hooked. From the likes of Selling Sunset, and Bling Empire to something more innovative like The Circle, the genre is growing by leaps and bounds. But one thing that is constant is the audience’s love for reality shows.

If you have watched The Circle, you would know it’s a reality show where the interaction among players is not physical, but with a social media app designed especially for the purpose of the game. The players are allowed to portray their real selves or catfish others. The top players and the eventual winner is decided on the basis of how much following you can create for yourself.

Four seasons of the show have already been on air and since the last release fans have been speculating whether the fifth season of the show has been canceled or not. Here’s everything we know about The Circle Season 5:

The Circle Season 5

Is The Circle Season 5 canceled?

Though there has been a series of ‘bad news’ from Netflix where they canceled multiple highly anticipated seasons and a wave of disappointment went all over the viewers. However, the good news for the Circle fans is that Season 5 of the highly followed series is not going anywhere and will be hitting the screens soon.

The Circle Season 5 Renewal Status

The Circle Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Back in August 2021, Netflix handed out a two-season renewal to the series for Season 4 and Season 5, hence giving a confirmation that Season 5 is definitely happening.

When will The Circle season 5 be released?

Despite the fact that the renewal was made official a long time back, there has been no news regarding when the series will hit the screens. As Season 4 has recently aired, it’s too early to speculate on further releases. All one can do is keep their fingers crossed and wait for another official announcement. However, from what we understand, the closest one can expect The Circle Season 5 to hit the screens is the last quarter of the year 2022 or the first one of 2023.

The Circle Season 5

How many episodes will be there in The Circle Season 5?

The first season of The Circle had 12 episodes in total and the subsequent seasons had 13 each. So, if we expect the upcoming season to follow the trends of Seasons 2, 3, and 4, the fifth season might be having 13 episodes as well. But for the final confirmation, one needs to wait for an official announcement.

Will there be a Season 6 of Circle?

As of now, there has been no news of any further seasons of The Circle and it is way too soon for predicting one as season four has just been released and there is not much to know about Season 5. No statement has been made regarding the season and if one surfaces, we suppose it will only be after the fifth one hits the screens.