The Cleaning Lady Season 2 is happening; Check out latest updates

The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Credits: FOX

Thony: Arman didn’t kill Theo.
Garrett: Well if he didn’t pull the trigger, he had one of his boys do it. It’s all the same.
Thony: No it’s not. Hayak’s son killed Theo and Arman tried to stop him.
Garrett: Is that what Arman told you to say?
Thony: No, I saw it. Theo was a good man, and I had to clean his blood off the floor to stay alive. That’s what I’ve had to deal with. Arman saved my life that night, so don’t ask me to betray him.

The unexplainable dynamic between Thony and Arman is very much evident in this conversation between her and the FBI agent Garrett, even though Arman is a gangster from an LA criminal cartel and Thony is the gang’s ‘cleaning lady’. For the unversed, we are not talking about any regular cleaning lady who mops floors and does the dusting. We are talking about someone who cleans up a crime scene and makes sure there’s no evidence left behind, basically making everything fishy go whoosh. 

The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Credits: FOX

You guessed it right. We’re talking about the crime drama by FOX, The Cleaning Lady. Developed by Miranda Kwok, it stars Elodie Yung as the lead. Rose Marie Vega, Paola Suárez, Shay Mitchell, David Dean Portelli, Michael Offer, Miranda Kwok, and Melissa Carter are serving as the executive producers. With the first season coming to an end last month, fans started speculating on the possibility of The Cleaning Lady Season 2, and not long ago, The Writers’ Room of the series gave a reply.

Will there be Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady?

After three weeks of the first season wrapping up, the official Twitter handle of The Cleaning Lady announced its renewal for the sophomore season. It came out as ecstatic news for the fans who’ve been waiting impatiently for the announcement to happen.

Here’s how fans have been reacting to the news

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Release Date

Even though the series has been renewed, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding the release date of The Cleaning Lady Season 2. However, if nothing goes haywire, we can expect the second season to hit the screens earliest by Fall 2022 or Winter 2023. 

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Trailer

As there hasn’t been a lot of time since the renewal announcement, there is no trailer for The Cleaning Lady Season 2. However, here’s the trailer of the first season in case you missed it or you want to recall how thrilling of a season it was. 

The Cleaning Lady (FOX) Trailer HD

How many episodes will be there in The Cleaning Lady Season 2?

Season 1 had 10 episodes, but fans, this time, don’t want to settle for anything less than 15 episodes. However, there’s no confirmation on how many episodes The Cleaning Lady Season 2 will have, but we are expecting the count to be at least 10.

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Recap

The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Credits: FOX

The series follows Thony De La Rosa, a Filipino doctor who is living in the States as an illegal immigrant (due to visa expiration) only because her son needs an expensive bone marrow transplant which is exclusively available in LA. To make ends meet and hide from the authorities, she works as a cleaning lady. Everything was going as planned until she witnessed a brutal murder involving Arman Morales and his criminal gang.

Upon getting caught by the perpetrators, she proposed to clean the crime scene of any possible evidence in exchange for her life. From there, Arman recruited her as a permanent gang member, using her problems as leverage. 

The Cleaning Lady Cast

The Cleaning Lady Season 2
Credits: FOX
  • Élodie Yung plays Thony De La Rosa.

Thony was a reputed doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Manila, Philippines, until she discovered that her son was suffering from a life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder that could be treated by a bone marrow transplant which is only available in LA, and she moved there. Now she lives there as an illegal immigrant who works as a cleaner. Somehow she finds her life entwined with a gangster from the city’s criminal cartel, with whom she starts working on getting her son the treatment he needs. 

  • Adan Canto plays Arman Morales

Arman is a gangster linked to a powerful criminal cartel operating in Las Vegas. He bumped into Thony when she witnessed a murder that involved his gang. He promised Thony her safety and her son’s treatment in return for her services as their ‘cleaner’.

  • Oliver Hudson plays Garrett Miller.

He is an FBI agent who tracks down Thony while he works day in and out to bring down the gangster Arman Morales. 

  • Martha Millan plays Fiona De La Rosa.

Fiona is Thony’s sister-in-law (husband’s sister). Thony is closest to her, and the two live together along with their children. 

  • Sebastien and Valentino LaSalle play Luca De La Rosa

He is Thony’s son. He suffers from a rare and life-threatening disorder because of which Thony keeps her away from the outside world and takes him to LA for treatment. 

  • Sean Lew plays Chris. He is Fiona’s son.
  • Faith Bryant plays Jaz. She is Fiona’s daughter.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Cleaning Lady Season 2, and let us know how excited are you for the new season in the comments section below.